Spider Farmer vs Mars Hydro: LED Grow Light Showdown

Spider Farmer SE5000
  • PAR Efficacy: 2.75 umol/j
  • PPF: 1333 umol/s
  • Coverage Area: 4' x 4'
  • Power Draw: 480W ±5% @ AC100-277V
  • Diodes: Samsung LM301B, 1680 pcs
Mars Hydro FC4800 Grow Light
  • PAR Efficacy: 3.1 μmol/j
  • PPF: 1434 umol/s
  • Coverage Area: 4' x 4'
  • Power Draw: 480W ±5% @ 100-277V
  • Diodes: Samsung LM301H Evo chips

Spider Farmer: Bright Growth with Help from Samsung

Spider Farmer started in 2009 and is now a big name in plant lights. They teamed up with Samsung, so they use really good light parts. This helps plants grow well. Also, their lights are made of aluminum, which means they’re tough and last a long time.

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Spider Farmer LED Grow Light Series ModelPower
SE5000 480W LED Grow Light480W
SE7000 730W Commercial LED Grow Light730W
SE1000W LED Grow Light1000W
SE3000 300W LED Grow Light300W
G1000W Dimmable Cost-effective Full Spectrum Grow Light1000W
G3000 300W Dimmable Cost-effective Full Spectrum Grow Light300W
G4500 430W Dimmable Cost-effective Full Spectrum Grow Light430W
G5000 480W Dimmable Cost-effective Full Spectrum Grow Light480W
SF7000 650W Foldable LED Grow Light650W
SF1000 LED Grow Light With Dimmer Knob100W
SF1000D 100W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light100W
SF2000 200W LED Grow Light With Dimmer Knob200W
SF300 33W Led Grow Light For Veg33W
SF300 33W Vegetable Grow Light (2 Pack)33W
What about Spider Farmer SE3000 vs Mars Hydro FC3000?
Mars Hydro vs Spider Farmer…

Mars Hydro: Pushing Plant Light Technology Forward

Mars Hydro also started in 2009. They do a lot – they study, design, make, and test their products with their own team. Over the past five years, they made their lights better by adding new features. These features help keep the lights cool and make them work really well.

Last update on 2024-06-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Which One is Better for Your Wallet?

Now, let’s talk about how much they cost. Spider Farmer’s lights are priced from $160 to $590. The smallest one, for $160, can be used for one plant. The biggest one, for $590, is good for many plants. Mars Hydro’s lights are cheaper, from $80 to $380. They have similar sizes as Spider Farmer. At first look, Mars Hydro seems like a better deal because you spend less money for the same size light. In the ongoing debate of Mars Hydro vs Spider Farmer, opinions differ on which brand offers superior LED grow lights for indoor gardening.

Light Quality: Mars Hydro vs Spider Farmer

Next, let’s talk about how good the lights are. Mars Hydro lights are really good but not quite as great as Spider Farmer. Mars Hydro lights don’t use fans and stay cool. Spider Farmer lights have cool parts in them and also don’t need fans. This makes them use less power.

Spider Farmer lights have a score of 2.7 on how much light they give to plants, which is better than most lights. More light for plants means they will grow better and give you more when it’s time to pick them.

Why Light Type Matters

Lastly, the type of light is important. Spider Farmer lights spread light evenly and have a type of light that’s really good for plants. Mars Hydro LED grow lights mostly use white light, which is good but not the best for plants. Plants like red and blue lights more.

So, Spider Farmer is a better choice if you want the best type of light for your plants. It uses different kinds of lights that really help plants grow.

Two Awesome Brands, Different Good Things

Both Spider Farmer and Mars Hydro are great for growing plants. They both have a 3-year guarantee and great customer service. People say nice things about them online, especially on Amazon.

But they’re different. If you don’t want to spend a lot and still want good results, go for Mars Hydro. If you want the very best light and don’t mind spending more, choose Spider Farmer.

In the end, pick the one that fits your budget and what you need for your plants.

Quick Questions Answered

  • Is Mars Hydro or Spider Farmer better?
  • Mars Hydro is more efficient but Spider Farmer has better light for plants.
  • Why is Mars Hydro cheaper than Spider Farmer?
  • Mars Hydro offers good lights at a lower price range of $80 to $380, whereas Spider Farmer is between $160 to $590.
  • Which brand is more efficient?
  • Mars Hydro is more efficient.
  • Which one has better light for plants?
  • Spider Farmer is better because it has a full range of lights that plants love.

What About Durability?

Another thing to consider is how long these lights will last. Spider Farmer’s lights are made of aluminum, which is known for being sturdy. This means they might last longer without breaking. Mars Hydro doesn’t mention what their lights are made of, but they do use features that keep the lights cool. Keeping them cool might help them last longer too.

Ease of Use

Think about how easy it is to use these lights. Are they easy to set up? Can you easily change settings if you need to? These are questions you might want to think about.

Customer Support

Good customer service can be really important, especially if you’re new to using grow lights. It’s comforting to know that if something goes wrong or if you have questions, you can reach out for help. Both brands are rumored to have good customer service. Do you own research, of course, it’s worth checking recent reviews. Better yet, even reaching out to them with a question to see how they respond.

In the end, you can’t go wrong with either Spider Farmer or Mars Hydro. Both have proven to be excellent choices for those looking to help their plants grow. Spider Farmer might be the choice if you want top-quality lights and don’t mind paying a bit more. Mars Hydro might be the way to go if you are looking to save some money but still get great results.

Remember, the best choice depends on your specific needs and budget. Good luck with your indoor garden!

Spider Farmer LED Grow LightsMars Hydro LED Grow Lights
PAR Efficacy2.75 umol/j3.1 μmol/j
PPF1333 umol/s1434 umol/s
Coverage Area4′ x 4′4′ x 4′
Power Draw480W ±5% @ AC100-277V480W ±5% @ 100-277V
DiodesSamsung LM301B, 1680 pcsSamsung LM301H Evo chips
Price Range$160 to $590$80 to $380
Light QualityGood, spread evenly, with cool partsgood, cool, but mostly white light
DurabilityMade of aluminumNot mentioned, but may last longer
Ease of UseNot mentionedNot mentioned
Customer SupportGoodGood

Spider Farmer LED Grow Lights vs Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mars Hydro or Spider Farmer better?

Mars Hydro grow lights are more efficient at 3.1 micromoles per Joule, Spider Farmer LED grow lights measure at 2.75 micromoles per Joule. Mars Hydro is the better grow light in this respect.

Why are Mars Hydro grow lights more reasonably priced than Spider Farmer?

Mars Hydro grow lights are more affordable than Spider Farmer LED grow lights, as models ranging from $80 for the TS-600 to $380 for the TS-3000, while Spider Farmer LED grow lights range from $160 for the SF-1000 to $590 for the SF-4000.

Are Spider Farmer or Mars Hydro LED lights more efficient?

Mars Hydro produces an impressive 3.1 micromoles per Joule, Spider Farmer produces 2.75 micromoles per joule. As a result, Mars Hydro is the winner in terms of efficiency.

Which brand has better light uniformity?

Spider Farmer triumphs in terms of light uniformity. Its lighting is full-spectrum and utilizes Samsung diodes, whereas Mars Hydro grow lights primarily use white light, which is not always the best for promoting plant growth.


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