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Tap Water in Hydroponics

Tap Water in Hydroponics

Water is the most important aspect of hydroponics. Should you use tap water in hydroponics? Without soil, it is the circulating water that delivers nutrients to your plants. Ideally, you should be using the purest water available when growing hydroponically. Big commercial grow operations can afford to use massive water purification systems. But systems like distillation and reverse osmosis may be impractical or too expensive for hobbyist and smaller grows. That leaves most growers using tap water from the local municipal supply. Lately, municipal water supplies have come under a lot of scrutinies in many parts of the U.S. for high contamination levels ranging from high lead content to high residual prescription drug levels. Yes, some of those reports of chemical and biological contamination are extreme outliers. But most tap water that is recognized as safe for drinking contains varying levels of chemicals and dissolved minerals. So is it safe to use tap water in your hydroponics garden? There are

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Growing Marijuana Indoors with Hydroponics.

Paramount Seed Farms is dedicated to creating and sharing content to help our readers grow indoors. Learn the basics of hydroponic gardening, how super soils can help your indoor garden and outdoor crops flourish, and many other marijuana growing tutorials and marijuana grow guides. If you would like us to write on a subject or ask us a question, we will be implementing a growing Q & A section and marijuana gardening knowledgebase that will be open and free for anyone to use and ask questions without registration.

Growing and gardening is a rewarding and educational experience that we feel will help people not only appreciate their harvest more, but also appreciate the techniques and processes involved in starting something from scratch and finishing with an end product that they can be proud of and know exactly what was involved in creating what they will now consume whether it be growing weed, flowers, or vegetables. Indoor gardening and growing with hydroponics is rewarding in many ways and we want to help as many people experience that as possible.

Check back with Paramount Seed Farms often, there are new articles posted often like weed growing tutorials, marijuana grow guides, grow light reviews, grow room tutorials, hydroponics guides, DIY hydroponics systems, using the best nutrients, switching to LED grow lights, and as much else as we can come up with to help your grow better weed.

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