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Thor’s Hammer XXL F4

Thor’s Hammer XXL F4 Strain Info

Thor’s Hammer XXL F4 was breed with passion to bring the best Thor’s Hammer Autoflower this far ! We pushed it to an 80 seed hunt of THF3 and found both the male and female that both were over 5ft tall with vigorous growth and stout thick symmetrical structure that didn’t grow too tall or spindle with good spaces internodes , it grew plush and thick like a tree more then a bush style . The male produces massive pollen sacks that were frosty and colored with stripped purple while the female was a major yielder with exotic features and true frost coverage that is 5 star 10/10 . Exotic Unique terp profile, its the best Thor’s Hammer has ever been ! I found the flavor I was looking for with the Deep Dark Berry Jam or marmalade with Jet Fuel type not so much Gas but with high pitched Kerosene. that is truly overwhelming ! It smells the entire room from the first floor to the second floor or room to room when growing indoors and it reeks thru the bag . Same way thru the cure and It’s a heavy yielding plant that had proven to be XXL ! This is going to be the one for the guys outdoors as well to! Expect to see mostly big cultivars for AutoFlowers ! Breed in DWC water culture !

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Thor’s Hammer XXL F4 Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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