Strain Info

Purple Kush x ISS

Flower Time: 55 Days
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Purple Kush x ISS Strain Info

For this cross, I revisited the oldest seed stock I had from the Island Sweet Skunk. As f2's, there wasvariation in the ISS offspring. I decided to go opposite of my usual trait selection (different male than Sky Kush). I selected a slim soft branched stretcher with a thinner leaf ISS to use as the father.

The female was the (locally) famous purple kush. It is a big stem indica, vigorous afghani x hindu kush, finish around day 63, but ive taken it to 70 once. Becomes purple very easily and resists dry soil and under feeding as well as over feeding, but likes a drier root zone. ISS and the Purple Kush, it is sure to make it worth growing. Under a single light best suited for scrog / trellising / prunning / bending or with lower light levels with the stretch of certain phenos compared to the others.

While testing, I witnessed variations in stature, nug structure and of course aroma. From seriously knuckled nuggets to puffy/hairy round buds, to dense rock hard on tall sticks with almost nothing to trim due to incredible resin coverage.
Regardless the pheno, flowering time seems to be consistent at the 54 to 63.

Male used was an F2 from next generation.
F2 were made from the 2 only indica dominant male and female of the F1 offspring. My breeding partener at the time hated any sativa strether and went crazy when he saw those 3 foot high plants with only 3 internode. We made a deal for this strain : we would make f2s with the indicas to reorient the structure for the future generations to be way more managable.
The nugs are rounder, more dense.

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Purple Kush x ISS Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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