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M.B.C 99

Flower Time: 53 Days
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M.B.C 99 Strain Info

Many things in life happen to you unsought. This same thing happened with Mazar Blue Calp '99. This phenotype purple Mazar came to us by chance. Preserved since 1999 many have tried to find it unsuccessfully. MBC '99 is one of the most beautiful plants we have had the pleasure to grow. From small grows vigorously and green colors with hues purple. It is a plant with a medium internodal distance and excellent lateral and internal branch. The leaves are medium size with rounded folioles reminding us that we have a 100% indica plant. The growing cycle of the plant should be about 20 days to order the harvest of about 70/90 cms in height, ideal for growing indoors.

The flowering of MBC 99 is lush, forming large buds at the apex both main and sides. Furthermore completely fill of medium / large size buds throughout the plant, so that the final production is increased substantially. This is a great producer in both indoor and outdoor crops. In just about 50 days totally get tight buds covered by abundant resin and colors ranging from shades of purple, blue, almost completely black if the temperature is not very high. If this strain were intrigued by his temper and beauty, was no less taste and effect.

Mazar Blue Calp '99 has a very marked taste very special and rare. Its flavor is sweet (not fruity), with a strong touch of coffee and damp earth, a real mash for those who intend to leave the commercial flavors. The effect is powerful, as good indica. Narcotics and very relaxed, not a plant for smoking at any time of day. For their high concentration of THC and CBD and especially CBN, is a very suitable choice for medical uses. Tested successfully in treatments for insomnia, anxiety and fibromyalgia.

Parental: M.B.C 99 x M.B.C 99
Genetic: 100% Indica
Flowering indoor: 50 days
Harvest outdoor: end September - first october
Yield indoor: 600 grs m2 (600W)
Yield outdoor: 800 grs per plant
Taste: Sweet,with a strong touch of coffee and damp earth
Power: High- strong

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M.B.C 99 Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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