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Jack’s Hash

Flower Time: 60 Days
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Jack’s Hash Strain Info

For the creation of Jack's Hash used a female of Jack Herer selected by Xtreme Seeds CC team. in 1999. This female has the taste and smell Haze stronger than we have known in years.Its final product is impressive but the bloom stretched beyond 70 days indoors and outdoors until November. To shorten the flowering cycle and increase production crossed and backcrossed for several generations with a pure Afghani male our own selection of male, to find the desired phenotypes. In Jack's Hash intend to fix many of the traits that have done globally popular to Jack Herer. At the same time we have reduced the flowering time, which is indoor 8-9 weeks and will be harvested outside mid October. We find at least 2 clearly differentiated phenotype, one more Herer heritage highly incensed and energetic, and another more Hash and sweet but also with touches Haze and more relaxed effect. Both phenotypes are completely covered with sparkling crystals of resin when burned produces a heavy smoke and thick flavor with strong touches of Haze and Hash. Some specimens present shades of purple and a greater amount of resin.

Jack's Hash grows vigorously with a half distance between nodes, well branched and with large buds both the central tail and side branches. Jack's hash grows vigorously with a half distance between nodes, well branched and large buds with both the central and tail side branches. The effect when smoked is strong, energetic at first with a peak running back to go to a physical effect. It is ideal for all day smoking, to chat with friends or even for different tasks.

Parental: Jack Herer 99 x Afghan Xtreme
Genetic: 75% Indica, 25% Sativa
Time flowering: 60 days
Harvest in outdoor: October
Yield: 600 grs m2 indoor and 800/1000 per plant outdoor
Effect: strong, introspective. Celebral and physical
Taste: Haze with a touch of Hash, It depends on the selected phenotype.

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Jack’s Hash Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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