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Fruit Island

Flower Time: 58 Days
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Fruit Island Strain Info

The ISS/Qleaner used in this cross was a fast growing plant, and 9, 9-1/2 weeks of flowering. It was a representation of ISS with less stretch and was a bit of a wider plant. The smell was moderatly lemony/fruit and the background was ISS but without the strong, strong fragrance that travel trough bags and clothes. It was a good option for commercial use but the stem was too weak for my taste. The high was ISS too. The Sky Kush male used in this cross was a strudy fast vegging 50 days, stretch indica. The resulting strain has a lot of different phenotypes. Around 50% of the offspring will be ISS dominant, so it means; stretchy, very smelly, longer to bloom. In the other 50 %, you will find phenos that blends equaly Qleaner, ISS and L.A. Confidential. Ive been suprised to find some that exhibits L.A. Confidential dominance; softer, rounder smelling plant more oriented towards earthy terps, turns purple, same L.A. bud structure but super sized due to heavy yielding Qleaner and ISS. In my opinion, this pheno is the keeper pheno. Cola-can sized buds have been acheived by amateur and first time growers with NO BLOOM BOOSTER and NO SUGAR added. True story, and the proof is on the picture below. This strain has a keeper for every garden.
9 weeks

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Fruit Island Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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