Strain Info

French Fire

Flower Time: 63 Days
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French Fire Strain Info

Flowering time = about 9 weeks
THC = 26%
Yield = 12–14 oz. m²
Ratio = 55% Sativa – 45 % Indica
Terpenes = Cookie Dough, Fruity OG
Stretch = Multiplies in size by 1.5 in 3 weeks

Physiology = A plant with beautiful white resin covered buds and very few leaves. It has a leaf to fruit ratio of 20/80 with enormous calyxes completely covered in trichomes as well as leaves.
It has 10 cm internodes with fruits all over, which are incredibly dense and of an exceptional quality.

Cookies Forum Cut is a very rare cut from the Girl Scout Cookie strain, which is extremely powerful, able to rise to more than 28% THC. All Cookie fans will love it. It’s the perfect choice for treating patients prone to mood swings, stress or chronic anxiety and glaucoma.

The plant requires a lot of care and attention, as it is sensitive to extreme temperatures and over-fertilization. As it is a fragile plant, we recommend that it is preferably grown in 100% organic soil. The perfect plant for scrOG or SOG methods. It is highly resistant to mildew due to its airy structure.

Its exceptional genetics are made for connoisseurs and thrill seekers, given its colossal levels of THC and its colours. Once dry, it even retains its dark purple and black colours. If you like extractions, the amount of resin that can be extracted is truly incredible.

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French Fire Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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