Botch Toe Strain Info

Botch Toe is a mostly sativa variety from unknown origin and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±80 days).

What do we know about the unknown/legendary Botch Toe?

(Chem 4 x Violeta ix) x Mal Pan

Made for the sativa lovers, Botch Toe is a beautiful work horse of a cultivar. Growing this strain, you shouldn’t be afraid of going up to 12 weeks of bloom to get the full reward that she can bring. The vigor of this plant is amazing, so you won’t need a long growing phase before switching. This means no need for excessive training, and a SCROG might be advised as its awesome branching will grow big and fast.

The yields of the Botch Toe are HUGE and the ratio flower to leaf is very high. You won’t need much trimming and it will leave you with neon green flowers and a lot of bright red hairs hiding the large resin heads. Awesome bag appeal for a sativa bud, the scent is really not common as well.

The aromas of this plant reminds of true sativa strains : Lime, lemon cleaner, savory kind of meaty and putrid smell, quite like sour milk lactic odors. This is a unique plant from the flower formations to the terpenes and effects. And speaking of effects, its trippy racy feeling could be due to traces of CBG, CBV and CBN being present in her. For the true sativa heads out here, be careful : the effect can be very racy in certain phenotypes.

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Botch Toe Lineage / Genealogy

  • Botch Toe »»» {Chemdawg #4 x Violeta ix} x Malawi Pananma
  • Chemdawg #4 x Violeta ix
    • Chemdawg #4
      • Unknown Indica »»» Indica
    • Violeta ix
      • »»» Malawi Purple pheno x Pakistan Chitral Kush Purple pheno
      • Malawi Purple pheno IBL
        • Africa Malawi »»» Sativa
      • Pakistan Chitral Kush Purple pheno
        • Pakistan Chitral Kush
          • Pakistan Chitral »»» Indica
  • Malawi Pananma F1
    • »»» Malawi x Panama F1
    • Malawi (specified above)
    • Panama
      • »»» Panama x Colombia
      • Panama »»» Sativa
      • Colombia »»» Sativa
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