Strain Info

Blue Cherry

Flower Time: 56 Days
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Blue Cherry Strain Info

I heard crazy sounds coming from the test room as I rushed in I saw it. A fight was in full swing leaves were slicing branches branches were bleeding red syrup it was a massacre. Blueberry and cheery syrup slathered the walls and floor in plant gore. As I separated all the contenders my nose was also being assaulted with CHERRY!!! BLUEBERRY!!! CHERRY!!! then BLUEBERRY!!. I was pummeled as I separated them. At the end of the conflict only a few were left standing it seemed as if each of the three dominate phenos had a leader and she stood tall over her dwindling children. Removing the fallen I was left with three girls one of each dominate pheno that presented them self. I separated them in the room in fear of future altercations. but the battle continued as each pheno tried to out do the other racing to finish in the most immaculate way possible. Cherry, aggressively reeked of cherry punch with dense structure and extreme terp expression with minimal armor. The blueberry dominate girl stood clad in pristine armor taller then the other two she looked down upon them like peasants as she pumped dark blueberry terps throughout her surroundings. The third a short grape golem stacked with dark pungent branches that seemed to begin to stretch early in flower but got stunted by the conflict developing a dense structure in case of future battles. Unfortunately we will not be testing these seeds again due to fear of damage to the grow room.

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Blue Cherry Lineage / Genealogy

The lineage has not been updated. Check back soon.

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