Sulfur Deficiency

Problem: A sulfur deficiency is relatively rare and will manifest itself as all-over chlorosis (yellowing of leaves), usually starting with the newer leaves and at first may look like a nitrogen deficiency.

The parts underneath the leaves may take on a pinkish red or orange color. The buds on a flowering plant may start dying off. Unlike most other deficiencies that cause yellowing of the leaves, a sulfur deficiency will start at the back of the leaf and move it’s way forward as opposed to starting at the tips.

This cannabis plant is showing th very first signs of a sulphur deficiency
This pot plant is showing the signs of a sulphur deficiency (yellowng of leaves starting from the center)
More information on sulphur deficiencies in your cannabis plant

Solution: Check and correct your pH to make sure that sulfur isn’t being locked out. Sulfur moves slowly through the plant so it may take a few days after you fix the problem before you start noticing an improvement in your plant.