Marijuana Seed Banks

These are the marijuana seed banks that ship high-quality marijuana seeds to the US that we have purchased seeds from. Below you will find a list of features and other info about each seed company that will be useful in making a purchase from one of the seed banks if you choose to. We will also link to various marijuana seed bank reviews and weed seed store reviews so you can make the best decision for your next order.

Key Features: Seed selection. Been in business since 2003.
Advantages: Loyalty Program. Free seeds with every order. View current Freebies.
Grower’s Choice
Key Features: Unique strain selection. Been in business since 2003.
Advantages: Loyalty Program. 90% Germination guarantee or they replace seeds that didn’t germinate.
Cannabis Seed Store
Key Features: Seed selection. Prices.
Advantages: Can purchase single seeds. Free seeds with every order. View current Freebies.
I ♥ Growing MJ
Key Features: Unique strains. Germination and delivery guarantee.
Advantages: FREE Shipping. Unique and potent strains. Not mass produced like big brand seeds. Bulk specials. View current Specials.

Ordering and Shipping Weed Seeds to the U.S.

  1. Always use bitcoin. Why? Prepaid credit cards used to work well, but now the major processors like Visa and Mastercard make it more difficult and they can also track your purchase of the card if it really came down to it. Bitcoin isn’t anonymous, but it offers more protection of your identity over other payment methods. Also, the seedbanks and marijuana seed stores we have listed periodically run Bitcoin promotions or run them all the time for discounts and free marijuana seeds for ordering and paying with Bitcoin.
  2. Don’t use your full name or an outrageous alias. Use initials, your dog’s name, or something besides your full name.
  3. Don’t ship to abandon houses or other random addresses that wouldn’t allow you to get the package quickly. If it gets accepted by some random person and they open it and decide to report it to the authorities, it could spell bad news for you.
  4. If available, which is not always available, choose discreet shipping even if it costs more. The companies will ship with other items which is why it costs more. Usually, it’s an item that you wouldn’t mind getting anyway and it just helps with getting your package to you safely and in a reasonable amount of time.

That is our two cents when it comes to ordering marijuana seeds online in the US. We understand that none of it is fool-proof but if you follow some common sense and those basic ideas, you should have no problem getting weed seeds from one of the companies listed above delivered to you in the US.

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