Let’s face it, our livestock depend on us to provide them with the best feed available. Whether the purpose is to achieve maximum weight gain for cattle or optimum health for a show horse; it is our responsibility to give them the best.

Barley has been proven as the most complete grain and super-food used in hydroponic/fodder systems time and time again. Boasting an average germination of 96%, Paramount Seed Farms stands behind our product. Our barley seed is triple-cleaned in order to ensure that every pound you pay for will result in a satisfactory return. We provide plump, high germination seeds that will yield nutritious feed for your animals.

We give our fodder seed the same care and attention that we give our certified seed…it just comes with a smaller price tag! As always, our fodder seed is treated only with diatomaceous earth. You can purchase our seed with confidence, knowing that we understand how important quality and efficiency are to your livestock operation.

“The biggest challenge for us in getting our hydroponic system in place was finding a good, honest, dependable supplier of high-quality barley seeds. We found it in Paramount! The people are friendly and do what they say they’re going to do. The barley seeds are treated with diatomaceous earth (which makes me happy!) … and they grow like crazy! We are seeing heavy “biscuits” with very tall grass and solid root systems. And the horses love it! It is a comfort to know we don’t have to do a lot of internet searches to get what we need. Now if they just supplied grass hay as well … ;-)”

– Client from Beeville, TX