Live Resin

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that is created by flash freezing a marijuana plant immediately after harvesting and keeping it at freezing temperatures throughout the extraction process. Live resin is usually extracted using a solvent such as butane. This ensures that the concentrate will maintain its terpene profile and retain its original fragrance and flavor.Live resin uses fresh, frozen cannabis flowers cut from the grow before they’ve been dried or cured, and then processed within hours of harvest resulting in elevated terpene levels. Terpenes give each individual strain its specific flavor and aroma profile. You prefer skunky, piney, citrus, earthy or floral smelling buds? You can thank terpenes for giving you the variety of choices. More and more we are finding that not only does each terpene have it’s own flavor and aroma profile, we’re finding that they also have different effects within the body. That being said,live resin manages to maintain a really beautiful terpene profile because it’s capturing the terpenes of a live plant as opposed to that of the dried and cured flowers used in most BHO concentrates. Terpenes are incredibly temperamental, especially the lighter, aromatic ones. They can disintegrate in the drying and curing process. Live resin is a wonderful and tasty way to capture the layered flavors of the cannabis flower without losing much in the process.A technique where the resin of a cannabis plant is extracted right after the plant is harvested. The result is a potent, fragrant cannabis extract. Ideally, a grower would cut the plant down and immediately extract the resin. However, mosttimes, the plant is cut down, frozen, and the resin is extracted afterward.

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