High-Frequency Fertigation

Fertigation means watering plants with nutrient water. High-frequency fertigation for cannabis involves watering plants with nutrient water on a frequent basis, up to 5x a day. High-frequency fertigation must use a grow medium that contains air pocketseven when wet to prevent roots “drowning” from lack of oxygen. The most popular grow medium for high-frequency fertigation is a coco + perlite potting mix. When set up properly, marijuana plants typically grow faster in high-frequencyfertigation than plants watered a few times a week. In this grow style, cannabis plants are usually watered automatically on a timer via drip-irrigation. Quick tips: use proper potting mix (50/50 coco/perlite works well), use hydro or coco-specific nutrients (such as Canna Coco or Flora Trio), for more frequent fertigation use smaller pots, get an automatic watering system (you will forget if you try tohand-water!), give nutrients every watering, try to ensure EC/PPM of water going in and out are about the same, if plants look perpetually droopy give water less often or less water at a time, maintain 5.5-6.5 pH of the water, and alwaysremove runoff water or have it drain away (never let plants sit in water).

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