A cultivar is a plant that was selectively bred to enhance certain characteristics. If you found a plant that made golden weed sometimes, and you kept breeding it until it always made golden weed, the always-golden plant would be a cultivar.

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1. What is a cultivar? A cultivar is a plant variety that has been selectively bred or genetically modified for specific desirable traits, such as disease resistance, yield, or appearance. 2. How is a cultivar different from a species? A species is a group of plants that share similar characteristics and can interbreed to produce fertile offspring. A cultivar, on the other hand, is a specific variety of a species that has been developed through human intervention. 3. What are some examples of cultivars? Some examples of cultivars include the Honeycrisp apple, the Roma tomato, and the Blue Lake green bean. These plants have been selectively bred to have specific traits that make them more desirable to growers and consumers. 4. How are cultivars developed? Cultivars can be developed through a variety of methods, including traditional breeding techniques, genetic engineering, and tissue culture. Breeders select plants with desirable traits and cross them to create new varieties with those traits. 5. Why are cultivars important? Cultivars are important because they allow growers to produce crops that are more resistant to pests and diseases, have higher yields, and are more visually appealing to consumers. They also allow for the development of new and unique flavors and textures in fruits and vegetables.