A clone is a cannabis plant that is an exact genetic copy of its mother plant. It is a young female cannabis plant with stable genetics. Typically, growers elect to raise clones purchased from reputable breeders because they pose less risk of getting a plant with poor characteristics. This refers to a clipping from a cannabis plant, which can then be rooted and grown through a cloning process of the mother plant, from which the clone was cut. Just like it sounds, a clone is an (almost) exact replica of the plant that produced the clone. Basically, a small piece of a cannabis plant is cut off a treated so that it can grow on its own; this is known as ” cloning”. This “cutting”will grow up to be a copy (or a clone) of it’s “mother” plant. Visit the aerocloning recipe that ensures perfect clones each and every time – Griffin’s Tech Clone Tech.

Similar Terms

  1. Replica
  2. Duplicate
  3. Copy
  4. Offspring
  5. Genetic twin