Cannabis wrapped in a tobacco leaf cigar or cigarillo paper. The cigar may be hollowed out and then re-rolled with cannabis, and the origin of the name was coined due to the popularity of the brand Phillies Blunt Cigars. Blunts often burn longer than joints and are usually found in larger social gatherings.A blunt is a hollowed out cigar that’s filled with cannabis. Blunt “wraps” come in a wide variety of sizes and flavors, and we recommend completely removing tobacco from a proper cigar and refilling it with ground up bud. Cigar wraps burn for a long time, sometimes a half an hour or more; so blunts are great for a party or to pass around with the gang. Keep in mind that blunt wraps and cigar papers contain tobacco, so if you’re especially sensitive to nicotine, you may want to stick with a joint.Blunts are similar to joints, except the paper used to wrap them is different. While joints typically use thin paper, blunts use thicker paper meant for cigars. In fact, blunts are named for the ubiquitous cigar paper that is frequentlyused to wrap them: Phillies Blunt.

Similar Terms

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