Backcross (BX)

A backcross is a hybrid plant that has been bred with one of its parents (or a plant that is genetically similar) in order to create offspring that is closer to that of the original parent. For example, a grower could breed a plant with its own father to make sure the baby has its dad’s height. This is often done to maintain rarer strains or strengthen those with desired recessive genes. “Backcrossing is the practice of breeding a cannabis plant with one of its parents in an attempt to strengthen specific traits. For example: If a plant is known to have strong anti-anxiety effects, you could breed the plant with its motherto make it more likely that successive generations will have those same anti-anxiety effects.”

Similar Terms

  1. Recombination
  2. Hybridization
  3. Crossbreeding
  4. Backbreeding
  5. Introgression