Unlike photoperiod strains, autoflowering strains start to mature and make flowers/buds on their own without any change in light schedule. This keeps plants small and it acts more like a house plant (just water it and wait for harvest).Auto-flowering strains are essentially immune to problems from light leaks (light at the wrong time can cause accidental re-vegging or hermies in photoperiod plants). The biggest downsides are reduced strain choice and plants stay verysmall at harvest if they get a slow start.

Similar Terms

  1. Automatic
  2. Ruderalis
  3. Self-flowering
  4. Quick-flowering
  5. Fast-blooming
1. What is an autoflowering cannabis plant? Autoflowering cannabis plants are a type of cannabis that automatically switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage without the need for a change in light cycle. This means that they can be grown year-round and have a shorter life cycle than traditional cannabis plants. 2. How long does it take for an autoflowering cannabis plant to grow? Autoflowering cannabis plants typically take between 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest. This is much shorter than traditional cannabis plants, which can take up to 6 months to mature. 3. What are the benefits of growing autoflowering cannabis plants? One of the main benefits of growing autoflowering cannabis plants is their short life cycle, which allows for multiple harvests in a year. They are also generally smaller in size, making them ideal for indoor growing or for those with limited space. Additionally, they are more resistant to pests and diseases than traditional cannabis plants. 4. Can autoflowering cannabis plants be grown outdoors? Yes, autoflowering cannabis plants can be grown outdoors. However, they may not perform as well in colder climates or in areas with shorter growing seasons. It is important to choose a strain that is suitable for your climate and to provide adequate nutrients and water. 5. Are autoflowering cannabis plants less potent than traditional cannabis plants? No, autoflowering cannabis plants can be just as potent as traditional cannabis plants. The potency of the plant depends on the strain and the growing conditions. Some autoflowering strains have even won awards for their potency and flavor.