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30 in – 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

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3, 6, 12, 24


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Wedding Crasher Seeds


Origin of Wedding Crasher Seeds

Wedding Crasher seeds are a cannabis breed derived from the cross of Wedding Cake seeds and Purple Punch seeds, is also referred to as “Wedding Crashers.” Symbiotic Genetics combined Vanilla Wedding Cake with Sweet Grape Purple Punch, they created the Wedding Crasher.

The Wedding Crasher strain is seriously sublime. Growing Wedding Crasher seeds is a great way to provide yourself with amazing buds. Read all about this strain below.

Wedding Crasher Strain History

Wedding Crasher bud is the exotic strain you have been seeking! It grows great and the plants look beautiful. While this is a pretty new strain, Premium Cultivars is proud to present these cannabis seeds to customers.

What are the Parents of Wedding Crasher?

Wedding Crasher is an Indica-hybrid bred by combining Wedding Cake seeds and Purple Punch. You should detect genetic similarities of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch seeds.

Is Wedding Crasher Indica or Sativa?

Wedding Crasher strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa. Wedding Crasher is a beautifully balanced hybrid that has inherited the best characteristics of its parent strains.

Germinating Wedding Crasher Cannabis Seeds

To germinate your feminized wedding crasher seeds quickly and easily, Premium Cultivars suggests using paper towels. Using this method, you will be able to cultivate the seeds effectively.

  1. When you’ve gathered all of the supplies you’ll need, begin by filling a bowl with water and preparing your equipment.
  2. Soak your paper towels in the water after that as well. Wring them out to get rid of any excess moisture.
  3. You should place a towel on the dish and use the other one to wash it off.
  4. Spread the seeds out on the fabric in an orderly fashion, being careful not to crowd them.
  5. Grab a second towel and place it on top of the first to protect your seeds. Don’t add more water to the towels; they should be damp but not squishy.
  6. Lift numerous towels and look at the plate to ensure there isn’t any water on it. Drain it if there’s any leftover.
  7. Closets and drawers are ideal places to store the plate.
  8. Allow the seeds to germinate by planting them in the ground. It will take anything from 20 to 120 hours to fully develop. To prevent them from drying out, be sure to add water constantly. Please keep an eye on them.
  9. Once the seeds have sprouted, place them in a growth medium or potting soil.

Growing Wedding Crasher Cannabis Seeds

Although the Wedding Crasher cannabis variety may be grown using hydroponics as well as in soil, you’ll need to put in some effort. Trim the dense foliage with broad, dark-green leaves. Trimming these plants helps keep them in check. In addition, it aids the plants in concentrating all of their resources on developing large, healthy buds. While this cannabis strain grows well outdoors, it performs just as well indoors, where you can adjust the temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors to the plant’s liking. Because the plants grow pretty bushy, topping cannabis, trimming cannabis, and training all have a place in producing maximum yields. In long bunches, these bushy plants produce forest green buds. If cold temperatures are evident in the early flowering phases, purples can also infiltrate the buds. The orange hairs run alongside the buds while the short trichomes glisten beneath. This bud blooms in the mid-range of 8-9 weeks and grows equally well in soil or hydroponics. Outdoor growers can anticipate harvesting mature blooms in mid-October. The average height of a Wedding Crasher plant is about three to four feet; however, they can grow huge. During the vegetative cycle, training them will aid in the production of healthy colas and control their business. To avoid mildew or bugs, you’ll also need to monitor the humidity levels. The optimal humidity level is between 40% and 60%. To prevent molds and mildew, you should maintain your plans at certain humidity degrees. Indoor or Mediterranean conditions are ideal for this breed. Because of the more consistent circumstances, plants do best in these habitats. Advanced gardeners may use Low-stress training techniques to develop wide colas that absorb a lot of light and produce enormous blooms.

Wedding Crasher FAQs

How long does Wedding Crasher take to germinate?

Give your Wedding Crasher around five days to germinate if you’re doing it with paper towels.

What is the Wedding Crasher flower time?

Indoors, where you can control humidity and other environmental factors, Wedding Crasher cannabis grows nicely. You can harvest the breed after 8 to 9 weeks of indoor cultivation. When grown outside, the average flower time takes up to a maximum of 10 weeks.

Does Wedding Crasher grow better in hydro or soil?

You can grow a Wedding Crasher in both soil and hydroponics set up. It’s ideal for indoor and outdoor growing, although it grows taller than the average plant.

How tall does Wedding Crasher grow?

When grown inside, growers can expect Wedding Crasher to reach a height of 150 to 180 centimeters, but it can get to a height of 160 to 200 centimeters when grown outdoors.

Where is the best place to Wedding Crasher in the USA?

If you’re searching for Wedding Crasher Feminized cannabis seeds, Premium Cultivars, an online reseller of autoflowering and Feminized cannabis seeds, is an excellent choice

Are there any other names for Wedding Crasher Feminized?

Yes, Wedding Crasher is also known as “Wedding Crashers.”

Is Wedding Crasher Suitable for Beginners?

The Wedding Crasher cannabing strain is ideal for beginners because it is simple to grow indoors or outdoors in temperate, sunny, and warm conditions.

Variations of the Wedding Crasher Strain

Cake Crasher and Slurricrasher are variations of the Wedding Crasher cannabis strain. Cake Crasher is a Sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid strain created by crossing Wedding Cake and Wedding Crasher.

Are There Any Strains Similar to Wedding Crasher?

Similar strains to Wedding Crasher cannabis are Blackberry, ACDC, Skunk #1, Cookies and Cream, and Sour OG.

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