The Glove Strain


Caryophyllene, Myrcene

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30 in – 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

Harvest Month


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3, 6, 12, 24


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The Glove Seeds

The History of The Glove Seeds

The cannabis strain known as The Glove was developed by the legendary Cookies Fam. This fitting favorite is the offspring of Gary Payton and 2022 strain of the year, Jealousy. The mighty Gary Payton and Cali Sunset Pheno #20 strains make the Glove.

How to Germinate The Glove Seeds

Water is necessary for germination, growth, and the ultimate shedding of a seed’s protective coating. You’ll know the seed has germinated when it emerges from the protective seed coat. This expansion will ultimately give rise to the seedling’s roots, which will draw water and nutrients from the earth for the plant as it develops.

Seeds must be high-quality from the get-go; avoid too young, flimsy, or green as they mature. However, if they are too old or are handled violently, they may not be able to germinate. Your seeds should be stored somewhere cold and dark until it’s time to plant them.

If you’re committed to the process, using paper towels to germinate cannabis seeds is simple. You will only need cannabis seeds, distilled water, tweezers, paper towels, and disposable plates. Once you have everything you need, follow these nine simple procedures to make sure your seeds germinate:

  1. You can start by soaking your paper towels or splicing them with water, then letting the excess water run out.
  2. A Paper towel soaked in water may cover one of the plates. It’s OK to stack up to four sheets of paper towels if that’s what it takes to get them all on your plate. The remainder of the paper towel will dry quickly, even if some is left outside the dish. As such, make sure the paper towels are well inside the plate.
  3. Sprinkle some water over a few of The Glove strain seeds you’ve laid out on a paper towel.
  4. A single wet paper towel, or half of an existing paper towel, should cover the seeds. If you use fewer top layers, you may be able to see the progress underneath even while the towel is still wet.
  5. Put the second plate over the setup.
  6. To hasten the germination of your Glove seeds, you should place them on a seedling heat pad or a sunny windowsill. Remember that the heat of the sun and the carpet under the plate will kill your seedlings. Seed plates can’t be used near heated mats without being destroyed. Using a dishcloth or a book as a buffer between the two is recommended to avoid breakage. Seeds germinate best at temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. Keep up a routine of checking on the seedlings every day. One must add water to replenish the paper towels’ dwindling moisture level.
  8. The Glove seeds may need a few days to germinate; however, this time frame may vary by strain and seed quality.
  9. Carefully tear the top layer of the paper towel away from the emerging seeds at the appropriate moment. A little root or two golden round leaves may grow out of the shell. It’s vital to remember that if you can only see the plant’s roots, the seedlings will require more time to grow.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Regs?

There are several advantages to planting feminized cannabis seeds rather than regular ones. In the first place, feminized seeds ensure the growth of female plants, which yield the most potent buds due to a higher concentration of cannabinoids. This feature makes them perfect for farmers who wish to optimize output without sacrificing quality when harvesting. Whether for profit or pleasure, growers may benefit from the shorter flowering period and increased insect resistance of feminized plants.

The reduced space requirements of growing from feminized cannabis seeds is another perk. As a rule, female plants are generally more compact, allowing for more plants to be developed in a given space. It is particularly helpful for urban gardeners with limited outside areas.

Growing The Glove Seeds

If you are interested in Growing The Glove Seeds, you should be aware that these seeds are of the highest quality, with a strong genetic heritage that ensures a successful harvest. The plants are fast-growing, with a flowering period of 8-9 weeks, and the buds are dense. The Glove is a high-yielding strain, but its resinous buds require extra care and attention to maximize yields. Additionally, the Glove is a strain sensitive to environmental conditions, so you should be diligent in providing a suitable environment to ensure a healthy crop.

Should I Grow The Glove Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

The Glove is an Indica/Sativa variety and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors.

Growing The Glove Seeds Indoors

Growing The Glove strain seeds indoors is a great way to get a high-quality and consistent buds yield. When growing indoors, creating an environment conducive to the plant’s growth is important. It includes providing ample light, air circulation, and temperature control. It is recommended to use a hydroponic system, as this provides the highest quality and quantity of buds if you want to ensure a successful crop. Additionally, to maximize the yield, it is important to feed the plants properly and ensure that the nutrients are balanced.

The Glove flower in 8-9 weeks. Also, as with any indoor growth, the environment must be closely monitored to ensure that the plants are not exposed to bad lighting, heat, or humidity.

Growing The Glove Seeds Outdoors

Growing The Glove strain outdoors is a great way to get a bumper harvest of top-quality buds. The cultivar is a hardy plant that can handle the elements and has large yields when grown correctly—as with any outdoor growth, getting the right environment is important. The Glove needs plenty of direct sunlight, consistent temperatures, and plenty of airflows. Providing enough nutrients and water to keep the plant happy is also important. With some patience, you’ll soon have a bountiful harvest of trichome-covered buds.

How Much Do The Glove Seeds Yield?

The Glove seeds are a hybrid strain known for their high yields. It can produce up to 600-800 grams per plant, depending on how you grow it.

How to Get Better Yields from The Glove Seeds

If you want optimum yields from The Glove strain seeds, consider using a hydroponic system and feed your plants with appropriate nutrients.

The Best Grow Medium for The Glove Seeds

You can grow The Glove seeds either in soil or hydro setups.

The Best Climate for The Glove Seeds

The Glove seeds do best in a warm, sunny climate. It can thrive in temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It also needs plenty of light and humidity, so ensure your grow room is well-ventilated and has plenty of air circulation.

Problems to Look Out For When Growing The Glove Seeds

When growing Glove cannabis seeds, there are a few problems to look out for. First and foremost, Glove cannabis is a very sensitive plant, and too much or too little light, water, and nutrients can result in stunted growth or even death. Avoid overwatering your Plants by all means. The Glove strain is also susceptible to pests and diseases, so proper monitoring and pest control measures should be taken to ensure a successful crop.

How Difficult is it to Grow Glove Seeds?

Growing The Glove seeds might be a breeze or a challenge depending on your skill level.

Are The Glove Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

If you are a beginner grower, you may find the process somewhat challenging, but with a little practice and research, it is possible to achieve a successful harvest.

The Best Grow Techniques for The Glove Seeds

The screen of Green (ScrOG)

ScrOG involves training the plant to grow in a specific, predetermined pattern, usually utilizing a mesh screen, hence the name. The mesh screen is placed over the top of the plant, and the branches are woven through it. This technique controls the plant’s height and shape and maximizes light exposure and yields.

Sea of Green (SOG)

Sea of Green involves planting multiple smaller plants close to one another, usually in pots or trays, and harvesting them all at once. This technique allows growers to maximize yield while minimizing the space needed.


Supercropping is all about breaking or pinching the branches of a plant to increase light exposure and air circulation. This technique can help to increase yields and improve the quality of the buds. Supercropping can also shape the plant and increase its overall health.

Are there Similar Seeds to The Glove Seeds for Sale Online?

Similar seeds to The Glove include Blue Dream, Skywalker OG, Cheese, Tahoe OG, and Trainwreck.

Where can I The Glove Seeds?

If you are looking for high-quality seeds, Premium Cultivars should be your one-stop seed bank for all your needs. If you have a credit card, payment should be a breeze.

How do I The Glove Seeds?

The Glove strain’s high-yielding seeds are available through the reputed US seed bank Premium Cultivars. If you reside in a US jurisdiction or state where cannabis cultivation is legal, you may cannabis seeds online anytime. This is because the worldwide distribution of these well-known seeds is made possible by this renowned seed bank. Furthermore, if you order $100 or more in The Glove seeds from us, we will happily pay the shipping cost. Also, pre-packaged versions of high-quality cultivar seeds are available, and you can perform credit card transactions fast, effortlessly, and conveniently.

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