Strawberry Shortcake Strain


Carene, Caryophyllene

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30 in – 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

Harvest Month


Pack Size

3, 6, 12, 24

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Premium Cultivars

Strawberry Shortcake Seeds

The History of Strawberry Shortcake Seeds

Strawberry Shortcake traces its roots in Colorado. While the detailed history, including indica to sativa ratio, is still unclear, the strain continues to dominate the field due to its impressive yields. The strain has strong indica characteristics, and its origin is credited to many renowned cultivators like The Jungle Boys and Cannarado Genetics.

How to Germinate Strawberry Shortcake Seeds

Once you pick a quality selection, germinating Strawberry Shortcake Seeds is not complicated. It only requires that you provide an optimum environment, including temperature ranging between 22°-25° Celsius and moisture to help expand and break through the shell. You should also ensure minimal interference to minimize the risk of breaking the young and delicate structures.

You can germinate Strawberry Shortcake seeds through various approaches, but the paper towel method is the simplest, even for a beginner. Wrapping the seeds in paper towels easily keeps them moist and well-protected. Moreover, the materials are readily available, affordable, and easy to handle. The primary aspect is to ensure you use plain single-ply paper towels to avoid the roots growing into the paper towels, which would challenge your transfer process. Here are the standard paper towel Strawberry Shortcake seeds germination steps to follow.

  1. Gather the essentials, including your Strawberry Shortcake seeds, two paper towels, a water sprayer, a dinner plate, a pair of tweezers, and a workstation, ideally a table.
  2. Use the water sprayer to dampen the paper towels and squeeze off the excess water.
  3. Pick one paper towel and spread it on the dinner plate.
  4. Spread your Strawberry Shortcake seeds on it, maintaining a distance averaging an inch.
  5. Place the second paper towel on top and wrap your seeds.
  6. Soak them in water enough to moisten them but not too much to dampen them.
  7. Pick a spot to store the wrapped Strawberry Shortcake seeds – a cupboard is recommended, ensuring they are away from sunlight and in a warm spot.
  8. Keep the Strawberry Shortcake seeds there for about 48-120 hours to germinate, but monitor them to ensure the wrap remains moist.
  9. Once the Strawberry Shortcake seeds emerge from the shells, use the tweezers to carefully pick the viable ones for transfer to your grow area.

Why are Feminized Strawberry Shortcake Seeds Better than Regs?

Feminized seeds continue to win favor among growers over regular seeds, which begs the question; are they better? The reason more growers pick feminized Seeds is that they offer more predictable. They produce female plants, unlike the regs that have a 50/50 chance of germinating males and females. With the high female plants, you won’t have to germinate excessive plants, so you can have enough for your grow. It also saves you money since you won’t waste it on fertilizer and other growing products. Moreover, quality feminized Strawberry Shortcake seeds are easier to grow, generate more yields, harvest, and preserve, making them ideal for every grower regardless of their expertise.

Growing Strawberry Shortcake Seeds

The Strawberry Shortcake strain is dominantly indica which grows brightly green. The plant is moderate-sized, meaning growing indoors or outdoors won’t be problematic, even with space constrictions. The buds are also moderately dense, allowing you to manage and harvest easily.

Should I Grow Strawberry Shortcake Indoors or Outdoors?

Despite its moderate size, making it ideal for growing in any space, choosing indoors and outdoors is not purely on a preference basis. Your local climate and growing experience counts since you need the right environment for quality yields.

Growing Strawberry Shortcake Indoors

Indoor cultivation makes it easier to ensure the plant is under controlled conditions. You should strive to keep the humidity at 40–55%. The ideal temperature range is 21 °C to 27 °C. Low-stress training for light exposure is recommended to ensure you realize more yields.

Growing Strawberry Shortcake outdoors

If your region is blessed with a fairly warm climate, you can ditch the greenhouse and grow Strawberry Shortcake outdoors. As you pick the grow area, ensure you go with the breezy and sunny area. You should also install some protection against environmental elements for more controlled grow. Plants companions are also ideal, especially ones that can help keep pests away.

Whether indoors or outdoors, you must keep the plants well-groomed. Strawberry Shortcake is a dense grower and, unfortunately, not as resistant to mold. Besides managing the humidity to avoid mold growth, you must regularly prune your plants. Eliminating the excess leaves during the vegetative stage is critical, and you should do it at least twice. This facilitates better light penetration and enhances airflow for healthy growth.

How Much Do Strawberry Shortcake Seeds Yield?

When natured indoors, Strawberry Shortcake takes about eight to 10 weeks to flower, yielding an average of 1oz per sq foot. Outdoor plants average 20 ounces per bud.

How to Get Better Yields from Your Strawberry Shortcake Seeds

Better harvest begins with high yield seeds and creating an optimum grow environment. This includes ensuring your plants are well nourished and protected from pests and environmental factors when grown outdoors. Lollipopping your plants, training them, and reducing the nighttime temperature during the last few weeks can also help make the buds heavier and improve terpene production.

The Best Grow Medium for Strawberry Shortcake Seeds

The Strawberry Shortcake thrives in fertile soil and can produce high-quality yields in a hydroponics medium. The primary medium choice determiner is your prowess. If you are an experienced cultivator, you can opt to go the hydroponics way. The soil is a better choice for mid-level and beginners since it doesn’t include demanding setup and maintenance to ensure the plants are well cared for throughout the growth cycle.

The Best Climate for Strawberry Shortcake Seeds

The Strawberry Shortcake strain does well in fairly warm climates. While not mold resistant, the strain thrives in a slightly humid environment.

Problems to Look Out For When Growing Strawberry Shortcake Seeds

Like most Indica strains, Strawberry Shortcake is a heavy feeder. This means you must keep an eye out for nutrient deficiencies. Common deficiencies include calcium, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, and magnesium. This tricky part is that deficiencies show similar signs, mainly yellowing, brown, or dark spots. Therefore, you need to do your homework and follow a nutritional schedule to ensure your plants are adequately replenished. You can also overfeed, emphasizing the need to follow a schedule and b on the lookout.

Besides mold, you should look out for insects and pests like inchworms, caterpillars, crafts, leafhoppers, grasshoppers, aphids, broad mites, scale insects, and fungus gnats. Diseases like tobacco mosaic virus and white powdery mildew could also attack your plants. With a keen eye, you can spot the signs early on, like twisted/curled leaves or stunting, for prompt action to treat the curable or stop the spread.

How Difficult Is It To Grow Strawberry Shortcake?

Strawberry Shortcake is quite difficult to grow. A watchful eye and advanced growing techniques are required to nurture Strawberry Shortcake, including maintaining the right humidity and temperature levels and preventing mold, pests, nutrient deficiencies, and diseases.

Are Strawberry Shortcake Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

Growing Strawberry Shortcake is relatively challenging. It is ideal for cultivators looking for a challenge or experts.

The Best Grow Techniques for Strawberry Shortcake


The lollipopping technique entails the removal of lower growth on your plants. The technique is popular among the cultivators of the Strawberry Shortcake because it improves airflow and minimizes mold growth chances. Moreover, you also facilitate more and heavier bud development as the plant concentrates the energy higher up the bud after eliminating the lower growth.

The screen of Green or Sea of Green

The screen of Green involves training the plants to grow less vertically and more horizontally. The horizontal grown results in a canopy. Sea of Green entails growing more plants but keeping them short, such as allowing them to vegetate for a few weeks, then switching the lights to trigger flowering. The budding sites hit the same height, facilitating a more uniform light distribution. Given the bushy nature of the Strawberry Shortcake strain, encouraging the plants to grow out rather than up enhances the quality and quantity of your yield.

Low-stress training

The technique gradually alters the plants’ shape to create more bud sites. The more buds, the higher the yield, all without extremely stressing the plant, meaning quality is not affected.

Are there Similar Seeds to Strawberry Shortcake for Sale Online?

The Indica-dominant Strawberry Shortcake is hard to come by and hardly has similar seed alternatives. Nonetheless, you can pick options like Strawberry, Strawberry Cough, and Strawberry Banana, although they are sativa-dominant strains.

Where Can I Strawberry Shortcake Seeds?

You can easily find and order Strawberry Shortcake seeds online from Premium Cultivars. You’ll find great deals and rich information to help you get it right from germination to harvesting.

How do I Strawberry Shortcake Seeds?

Purchasing high-yielding Strawberry Shortcake Seeds online is easy with Premium Cultivators. Navigating the product catalog is hassle-free, especially with the search option that narrows your option. Checking out is also frictionless since you can use your favorite payment gateway. You’ll find payment options covering all the major debit and credit cards like American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. Besides the diverse payment options, you’ll find different pack sizes to accommodate your needs. All orders over $100 are shipped free of charge. Premium Cultivars ships across the USA.

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