Strawberry Cough Strain

Terpenes Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene
Strain Type Sativa
Difficulty Easy
Height 30 in – 78 in
Yield (oz/ft2) 3 – 6
Flowering Time 8 – 9 weeks
Harvest Month September
Brand Premium Cultivars

Today, we’ll be exploring the world of cannabis strains, specifically focusing on one that has been making waves for quite some time – the Strawberry Cough Strain. Known for its sweet smell of fresh strawberries and its capacity to make consumers cough, this potent strain packs a punch that’s not easily forgotten. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or a novice looking to explore, this blog post will provide you with everything you need to know about the Strawberry Cough Strain.

The Origin of Strawberry Cough Strain

Understanding the origins of a cannabis strain is important as it gives us insights into its characteristics and effects. The Strawberry Cough Strain is a sativa marijuana strain bred from Strawberry Field and Haze. This potent strain brings a thoughtful and energetic high that’s perfect for conversation, reading, or working.

Appearance, Smell, and Taste

One of the most recognizable aspects of the Strawberry Cough Strain is its unique appearance. It features buds that are medium to large in size and have a dense, clustered structure. The strain’s scent is as delightful as its name suggests. It has a sweet, strawberry aroma that is paired with subtle earthy undertones. When it comes to taste, expect a similar story, with a sweet strawberry flavor being prominent on the inhale, and a subtle earthy taste on the exhale.

Effects and Benefits

Strawberry Cough Strain is cherished for its uplifting effects. It is known to help manage stress, depression, and fatigue with its sense of euphoria and energetic buzz. It can also help spark creativity and provide a social energy that makes it a favorite among those with social anxiety. However, it’s also worth noting that this strain can cause a strong cough reaction, hence its name.

Growing Information

Strawberry Cough Strain is considered moderate to grow and is highly resistant to diseases. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, but it prefers a warm, humid climate. When grown properly, it yields a large amount of flower. It has a flowering time of approximately 9 weeks when grown indoors, and outdoor growers can expect to harvest in early October.


Whether you’re looking for a strain to help manage stress or simply want to try something new, the Strawberry Cough Strain is an excellent choice. Its unique aroma, taste, and effects make it stand out among the myriad of cannabis strains available today. However, as with any strain, it’s important to start slow and see how it affects you personally. Happy exploring!