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Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Earthy, Fuel, Pine, Skunk


Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Fuel, Pine




Animal Cookies, Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, Fire OG, Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue #4, Sour Dubb


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Gorilla Glue #4 x Animal Cookies

Sticky Icky combines the world-famous Gorilla Glue No. 4 with Animal Cookies to create a delectable feminized strain that will please any admirer of Glue or Cookies. This potent Indica-dominant variety from Greenpoint Seeds offers the generous yield and delightful aroma of Gorilla Glue and the extreme density and frost of Animal Cookies.

Both Gorilla Glue No. 4 and Animal Cookies are clone-only varieties celebrated for their powerful effects and mouth-watering flavors. Consequently, Sticky Icky melds these strains’ best traits to create a powerful hybrid that is sure to produce many elite phenotypes. True to its name, this cultivar forms sticky buds that become caked in a thick layer of trichomes as they develop.

Sticky Icky Feminized Cannabis Seeds 

Greenpoint Seeds used the clone-only cut of Animal Cookies to pollinate the renowned Gorilla Glue No. 4. The resulting hybrid, known as Sticky Icky, produces top-tier cannabis plants that display a blend of both parents’ traits. Importantly, some phenotypes may lean toward the Gorilla Glue #4, and some may tend to be more Animal Cookies-dominant. Nearly every phenotype will offer a generous yield of frosty, aromatic buds.


Sticky Icky offers an assortment of phenotypes that produce the aromas of Gorilla Glue No. 4 and Animal Cookies. Some plants may lean toward the sour chocolate fragrance of Gorilla Glue, and some may display the earthy and doughy bouquet of Animal Cookies. Many phenotypes will present a blend of these lovely scents.


Similar to its aroma, Sticky Icky produces a range of mouth-watering flavors. Animal Cookies-dominant phenotypes may offer a sweet and sour tang, with undertones of soil, petrol, and skunk. Gorilla Glue No. 4-dominant phenotypes produce buds that coat the mouth with chocolate, coffee, diesel, and pine notes. Many plants will exhibit a blend of these flavors.


This strain combines two Indica-dominant varieties to form an exceedingly potent and relaxing strain. Most phenotypes will be highly narcotic and body-melting; however, some rare Sativa-dominant phenotypes may be more uplifting and stimulating. This strain is an excellent choice for medical and recreational users, offering a thrilling cerebral high coupled with a soothing stone, which may relieve pain and stress and promote a good night’s sleep.


Most phenotypes of Sticky Icky will be medium to tall, with long branches and dense, frosty colas. Gorilla Glue No. 4-dominant phenotypes may produce enormous colas with large, lime-green flowers. Conversely, Animal Cookies-dominant phenotypes may develop small, golf ball-sized buds that are incredibly dense and colorful. Most plants will offer the sizeable yield of Gorilla Glue and the exceptional frost and density of Animal Cookies.

Growing Sticky Icky

Sticky Icky is a moderately easy cannabis strain to grow, with many plants offering the vigor and resilience of Gorilla Glue No. 4. Moreover, this variety is highly adaptable and grows well both outdoors and indoors if given a warm, dry climate and ample lighting. Importantly, it prefers temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Some Cookies-dominant phenotypes may display hues of purple when exposed to colder temperatures.

Both Gorilla Glue No. 4 and Animal Cookies stretch in height during the flowering period. Like its parents, Sticky Icky will stretch significantly unless it is properly trained. Growers may wish to top, super crop, or low-stress train (LST) the plants during the vegetative growth period to limit the stretch and increase lateral branching.

Pest & Disease Control 

Although Sticky Icky is resistant to many pests and diseases, it may be susceptible to mold and powdery mildew. Growers can avoid these by pruning the plants, keeping the humidity and temperature levels in check, and using fans to increase air circulation in the grow room. Growers can use various foliar sprays during the vegetative growth period to prevent powdery mildew infections.

Sticky Icky thrives with a nitrogen-rich diet during the vegetative growth period. Importantly, it consumes more phosphorous and potassium during the flowering cycle. This variety also responds well to calcium and magnesium amendments. Moreover, because Sticky Icky may be sensitive to pH fluctuations, it is advisable to use a pH meter when mixing the nutrient solutions.

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Sticky Icky is a potent and terpene-rich variety that leaves users glued to the couch. This cultivar is excellent for commercial growers, with its vigorous growth and abundant yield. It is also a perfect choice for medical and recreational users, who will enjoy its euphoric and body-numbing stone. Indeed, with an elite pedigree of Gorilla Glue No. 4 and Animal Cookies, growers cannot go wrong with Sticky Icky.

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Photo/Grow Credits: @Jake Genius#9598 (2022) Sticky Icky