Star Killer Strain


Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene

Strain Type





30 in – 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

10 – 11 weeks

Harvest Month


Pack Size

3, 6, 12, 24


Premium Cultivars

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Star Killer SeedsStar Killer strain seeds grow flowers that are enormous lumpy spade-shaped, bright forest green nugs with flaming orange hairs and a frosty covering of crystal white trichomes.

The History of Star Killer Strain Seeds

Star Killer, an Indica-dominant strain produced from Rare Dankness #2 and Skywalker OG, has won several accolades. Star Killer strain won the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup for best hybrid, among other prizes.

How to Germinate Star Killer Strain Seeds

Specific conditions must be satisfied for germination to occur. To commence, high-quality seeds must be purchased to ensure good germination. Go to the Premium Cultivars page to these easily accessible seeds.

The paper towel technique is the most commonly suggested method for sprouting Star Killer strains. Premium Cultivars recommend this method since it is easy and effective, and practically all components are readily available at home. Follow these steps to germinate Star Killer strain seeds effectively:

  1. Gather your materials, including two paper towels, a working area (table), a dinner plate, some Star Killer strain seeds, a water sprayer, and tweezers.
  2. Rinse the paper towels in water after submerging them.
  3. Wrap one of the paper towels in half and place it on the platter. You can save the second paper towel for subsequent use.
  4. Choose your Star Killer seeds carefully and scatter them evenly on the paper towel, about 3 cm apart. To prevent the seeds from becoming soggy, add water as needed.
  5. Cover the Star Killer strain seeds with the second paper towel.
  6. Keep the strain seeds from drying out and keep an eye on them.
  7. Place the plate in a warm, dry place; a cabinet or drawer that is out of direct sunlight is ideal.
  8. Check on the seeds from 20 to 120 hours later to ensure they haven’t dried up.
  9. In 3–10 days, the seeds will begin to sprout. After releasing the radicle, transplant the seedlings to the recommended growth medium.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Regs?

Feminized cannabis has a 99% likelihood of generating a female plant. Of course, the biggest advantage of Feminized seeds for novice growers is that they do not require sexing, which is a method that requires some skill to master.

When Feminized strain seeds are stressed, they are more likely to become hermaphrodites, putting the entire garden at risk of undesired pollination. Each cannabis seed might also be conventional or Feminized. Seed banks used to produce ordinary cannabis; however, Feminized seeds are now more widespread than ever. Because of the high demand for female plants, numerous breeders emphasize the production of Feminized seeds from carefully stressed female plants.

The main reason why most growers prefer feminized seeds is the fact that they are guaranteed to grow into female plants. When it comes to cannabis plants, they can either be male or female, with regular seeds it’s 50/50 but this is not the case with feminized seeds that will essentially always grow into female plants.

Male plants are somewhat useless for most growers given that they do not blossom the same as females and do not produce trichome-laden buds or buds whatsoever. This means you are unable to harvest male plants for anything other than seeds.

The major issue is that having even a single male cannabis plant among the females in your garden can lead to the male pollinating the girls and rendering them unable to develop proper flowers.

Growing Star Killer Strain Seeds

Many people adore the Star Killer strain owing to its ease of cultivation and massive harvests. Star Killer will flourish both indoors and outdoors, but a Mediterranean environment will finally make it thrive better.

Should I Grow Star Killer Strain Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

You can cultivate Star Killer strain seeds like many other strains, you’ll discover outdoor growing Star Killer strain has a better yield, yet indoor growth yields enough worth bragging about.

Growing Star Killer indoors, naturally, won’t yield as much as outdoors, however, each method has benefits.

Growing Star Killer Strain Seeds Indoors

Indoors, Star Killer is ready to blossom after roughly 9-10weeks.  When growing Star Killer seeds indoors you can utilize a number of pruning and training techniques to help control the growth pattern of the plant to make the most of or fit in the grow space provided. Growing indoors gives this strain protection from the elements as well as decreases the probability of a pest or insect infestation.

Growing Star Killer Strain Seeds Outdoors

Harvest time for outdoor-grown produce is towards the end of October.

Growing cannabis outdoors allows Star Killer to reach new heights, quite literally, this strain can reach high up towards the stars when grown outdoors in full sun. The only downside to growing this strain outdoors is the vulnerability to intense or unpredictable weather and the natural risk of pests.

How Much Do Star Killer Strain Seeds Yield?

How to Get Better Yields from your Star Killer Strain Seeds

The typical yield for indoor growing is between 12 and 16 ounces per square meter. Outdoors, around 16 ounces of output are anticipated from each plant.

The Best Grow Medium for Star Killer Strain Seeds

You are recommended to cultivate indoors and outside. Star Killer strain hydroponics indoors. This is because you can control the internal environment. Conversely, you can grow outdoors using soil.

The Best Climate for Star Killer Strain Seeds

Outside, the Star Killer strain flourishes in the Mediterranean environment. Keep an eye on the lighting elements indoors, growing the Star Killer strain.

Problems to Look Out For When Growing Star Killer Strain Seeds

Star Killer strains can be difficult to handle since they are frequently sensitive to changes in pH and temperature.

How Difficult is it to Grow Star Killer Strain Seeds?

Are Star Killer Strain Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

Growing Star Killer strain seeds might be mysterious and not recommended for beginners.

The Best Grow Techniques for Star Killer Strain Seeds


Pruning is the process of removing tiny, targeted parts of the plant to promote healthy development. At its most basic, pruning eliminates growth that is harmed, ineffective or obstructs sunlight from reaching emerging flowers.

Before the cannabis plant is fully grown and prepared to blossom, pruning is often done during vegetative development. Before pruning, the plant must be well-established in the vegetative phase, around 12 inches (30 cm) tall, and has many leaves. Keep the pruning minimal if you want to cultivate squat, bushy plants.


Cannabis plants may be topped using an old-fashioned technique for indoor and outdoor plants. Topping cannabis entails effectively chopping off the plant’s top portion. Growth is stopped to prevent vertical growth and push your plants to produce new branches. You’ll get two Y-shaped branches for every cut you make. The plant will acknowledge both branches as “central” stems.

Don’t be too worried about utilizing this strategy as it won’t ever reduce yield, unless you end up totally destroying the plant, however, this is unlikely particularly if you follow our guidelines. The two new apical branches will produce a more significant number of tiny blooms.


In contrast to high-stress training, LST is accomplished by simply bending the higher branches out and out from the core of the cannabis plant and tying them down in a better position with soft ties or wire, resulting in a more level surface. All bud sites will receive roughly the same light distribution, rather than simply the top receiving maximal exposure as in untrained plants.

Are there Similar Seeds to Star Killer Strain Seeds for Sale Online?

Relatable cannabis strain seeds to Star Killer are London Pound Cake, The Hog, Tire Fire, and Alien Breath.

Where can I Star Killer Strain Seeds?

Since this strain bud is relatively recent to the cannabis world, it might be challenging to find. Premium Cultivars offers Star Killer strains online if you’re looking for them. Go to the website, see if what you want is in stock, and then make your order.

How do I Star Killer Strain Seeds?

Buyers in the United States can purchase various high-yielding cannabis seeds from Premium Cultivars, a significant cannabis seed bank. Depending on your budget, you may Star Killer strain seeds in packs of 6, 12, or 24. Any state that allows the sale of these cannabis strain seeds will receive these cannabis strain seeds from Premium Cultivars.

Free shipping is available for Star Killer strain orders of $100 or more. We strongly advise all potential clients to go to the website, browse the seeds, place their orders online, and pay using one of the many available payment options. All standard credit and debit cards are allowed as a form of payment.

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