Sleepy Joe OG Strain



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30 in – 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

3 – 6

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

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3, 6, 12, 24


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Sleepy Joe OG SeedsThe Sleepy Joe OG strain has a robust main stem and several lateral branches that are densely packed with gleaming flowers. The blossoms often become purple or even black.

The History of Sleepy Joe OG Strain Seeds

Sleepy Joe OG seeds dazzle with their 34% potency record. Such astounding results were accomplished via meticulous genetic selection, with parent strains Obama Kush and Nova OG bringing delicious terpenes and potent phytochemicals to the table. Their progeny is an 80/20 Indica/Sativa hybrid, a genuine cannabis powerhouse.

How to Germinate Sleepy Joe OG Seeds

Planting Sleepy Joe OG seeds will result in more and better nuggets. Premium Cultivars suggests sprouting your seeds on paper towels for up to five days before planting. Many growers favor this approach since it is simple and requires standard home supplies such as a plate, tweezers, and paper towels. To get your Sleepy Joe OG seeds to germinate rapidly, use this 9-step paper towel method.

  1. Prepare a dinner plate, paper towels, bottled or cleaned water, tweezers, and your Sleepy Joe OG seeds.
  2. Make sure you have two damp paper towels on hand. Then squeeze off any extra water in them.
  3. With tweezers, place Sleepy Joe OG seeds approximately an inch apart on a paper towel.
  4. Cover your cannabis seeds with a second paper towel and water them if required to keep the moisture.
  5. Raise the paper towels to check for any remaining water in the dish. With a damp cloth, wipe away any leftover residue.
  6. Place the dish holding the pot seeds in a cool, dark place.
  7. For the first 24 to 120 hours, keep a watch on your Sleepy Joe OG seeds and keep them wet.
  8. It would be preferable if you planted your Sleepy Joe OG seeds when the taproots get approximately 1 inch long.
  9. Finally, using tweezers, remove your cannabis seeds from their packaging and place them root-first in their growth medium.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Regs?

Feminized cannabis seeds are an excellent alternative to explore if you don’t want to go through the hassle of physically sexing your cannabis plants. Cannabinoids and other substances that cause euphoria or make you feel better are abundant in the blooms of feminized cannabis plants. Furthermore, harvesting solely female plants is more straightforward than harvesting male and female plants together. On the other hand, regular seeds may produce male or female seedlings; thus, some of your plants may be male and will not blossom.

The most frequent reason growers go for feminized Sleepy Joe seeds is the fact that they are guaranteed to grow into female plants. When it comes to cannabis plants, they can either be male or female, with regular seeds it’s 50/50 but this is not the case with feminized seeds that will essentially always grow into female plants.

Male plants are pretty much useless for most growers given that they do not blossom the same as females and do not produce buds and therefore no trichomes and such. This means you are unable to produce much with male plants for anything other than seeds.

The major issue is that having even a single male cannabis plant among the females in your garden can lead to the male pollinating the girls and rendering them unable to develop proper flowers.

Growing Sleepy Joe OG Seeds

The strain has a robust main stem and a slew of lateral branches laden with sparkling blooms. Often, the blossoms become a deep purple or even black. Sleepy Joe OG is a top performer in indoor and outdoor environments, and the strain will also please you. These plants may be grown using SOG or a variety of other plant training techniques because of their long flowering period (between 8 and 9 weeks).

Should I Grow Sleepy Joe OG Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

Sleepy Joe OG seeds do well both indoors and outdoors. Both indoor and outdoor growing have different benefits and drawbacks. These pros and cons largely relate to yields and growing climate.

Growing Sleepy Joe OG Seeds Indoors

Indoors, Sleepy Joe OG plants are easy to care for and don’t take up a lot of room since they’re bushy, hardy, and don’t grow too tall. They produce many blooms with a higher resin output than the norm.

Growing Sleepy Joe OG Seeds Outdoors

Sleepy Joe has a robust and thick main stem with many lateral branches in a classic Indica manner. During harvest season, this produces a thick, bushy canopy full of colas. Outdoors, Sleepy Joe may reach heights of 180-230cm. It should be ready for harvest in late September.

How Much Do Sleepy Joe OG Seeds Yield?

Indoors, under good growing lights, you can expect a healthy yield of 600g/m2. Outdoors you can expect a harvest of 700–1000g/plant in late September when the plants are fully blooming.

How to Get Better Yields from your Sleepy Joe OG Seeds

For better yields with Sleepy Joe OG seeds, consider employing several training techniques, especially a Sea of Green (SOG) method.

The Best Grow Medium for Sleepy Joe OG Seeds

Sleepy Joe OG Seeds do well both in soil and hydro.

The Best Climate for Sleepy Joe OG Seeds

For best results, it would help if you grew Sleepy Joe OG seeds in a warm and humid climate.

Problems to Look Out For When Growing Sleepy Joe OG Seeds

If you’re growing Sleepy Joe OG cannabis seeds indoors, you should look for powdery mildew. You may also encounter spider mites or other pests while cultivating these cannabis seeds inside, but this is less typical.

Watch for slugs and snails if you’re cultivating Sleepy Joe OG cannabis seeds outside. They like cannabis plants and may decimate your crop if you don’t keep an eye on them.

How Difficult is it to Grow Sleepy Joe OG Seeds?

Sleepy Joe OG seeds are significantly friendly to grow.

Are Sleepy Joe OG Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

Yes, these seeds are suitable for beginners. They are easy to grow and have a high success rate.

The Best Grow Techniques for Sleepy Joe OG Seeds


SOG is an excellent growing method for Sleepy Joe OG cannabis seeds because it helps the plant to develop uniformly and generate a thick canopy of flowers. This approach is also ideal for growing in tight areas, making it an excellent choice for indoor growers.


Pruning is deliberately cutting leaves, stems, or branches from a plant to promote growth in other regions or shape the plant into the desired shape. You can apply it when growing Sleepy Joe OG seeds to boost production, enhance bud density, or make the plant seem more appealing. Removing just the proper quantity of material while trimming cannabis is critical since excessive pruning might shock the plant and lead to diminished growth.


Mainlining is a method of training cannabis plants that involves selecting the main stem (the “mother”) and then removing all the side branches (the “suckers”). It forces the plant to direct all its energy into the main stem, resulting in a taller, healthier plant with a more significant yield.

Are there Similar Seeds to Sleepy Joe OG Seeds for Sale Online?

The cannabis seeds, similar to Sleepy Joe OG, include Nova OG, Bola Mintz, OG Kush, and Afghani.

Where can I Sleepy Joe OG Seeds?

Sleepy Joe OG cannabis seeds are available from Premium Cultivars, an outstanding seed bank. Paying for the seeds is simple if you have a credit card.

How do I Sleepy Joe OG Seeds?

Premium Cultivars sells cannabis seeds with a high yield potential to people in the United States. Being one of the most well-known seed banks in the world, it sells Sleepy Joe OG Seeds to customers in all of the states that have made recreational cannabis use legal.

Customers who spend $100 or more on Sleepy Joe OG seeds get free shipping, and our website has a lot of different kinds of seeds so they can choose what to grow. The easiest way to pay for the seeds is with a credit or debit card.

Premium Cultivars accepts American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa – all the major credit card providers. If you want further information on our payment terms, check here.

For volumes in excess of 1000 seeds, please enquire about wholesale cannabis seeds and get the best deals on bulk Sleepy Joe OG seeds. This is a great option for stores looking to stock seeds.

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