Sherbet Strain


Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene

Strain Type





30 in – 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

Harvest Month


Pack Size

3, 6, 12, 24


Premium Cultivars

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Sherbet Seeds

The Sherbet strain is often called the Sunset Sherbet strain, Sherbert, or Sunset Sherbert and although the names are different the strain remains the same.

Sunset Sherbet Strain origin

Sherbet Feminized is yet another delectable addition to the Cookie Family. It is widely regarded as a fitting successor to its parent cultivars, Pink Panties and the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Like it’s Cookie forerunners, this lovely-tasting hybrid is not bashful when it comes to strength. It has a cannabinoid contents of 20% on average, but it may reach a whopping 24% with the correct growth techniques.

Germinating Sherbert Feminized seeds

When germinating your Sunset Sherbert feminized seeds, you need to provide them with the right conditions to enhance your success rate. For this reason, we recommend the paper towel method, as it provides all the necessary conditions at a relatively low cost, and it is easy to execute even for the most inexperienced grower.

Here is a quick guide through the germination process using the paper towel approach:

  1. Collect the working items, including your feminized seeds, paper towels, water, and dinner plates.
  2. Dampen the paper towels by dipping them in water.
  3. Wring them to drain out any excess water- you want your paper towels moist, not damp, as this would risk your seeds rotting.
  4. Place one paper towel on the plate.
  5. Begin arranging your seeds atop the paper towel, leaving about an inch between every seed.
  6. Cover the seeds using another damp paper towel.
  7. Use the second dinner plate to cover your setup, but first, ensure you lift the paper towels to check for any excess water beneath the plate. If any, drain it.
  8. Store your container in a warm location, away from sunlight, and regularly check the paper towels to ensure they remain moist.
  9. In 24-120 hours, you are likely to see a taproot emerge from the seeds. Once it reaches about 5mm long, you can transplant your seeds to your ideal growing medium.

Growing Sunset Sherbet seeds

Absolute beginners should celebrate! Sherbet Feminized might be the hybrid for you if you are seeking a low-maintenance indica. This cannabis has a low overall maintenance requirement because it is highly resistant to the most prevalent mildews and mold.

Even if you have no prior cannabis gardening knowledge, you may be able to produce a high-quality product. Sunset Sherbet may also be handy as a side project for seasoned cultivators looking to add some diversity to their personal stockpile.

Sherbet’s most important requirement is adequate growing conditions. These plants require an environment that is both protective (shaded) and warm (Mediterranean). If you do not live where this weather currently exists, you can easily regulate it indoors.

The importance of humidity monitoring indoors cannot be overstated. If things do get a bit damp, Sunset Sherbet’s capacity to withstand white powdery mildew on cannabis and mold will keep its flower safe for a time whilst the issue is resolved.

Soil cultivation is perhaps the best indoor growing approach for the Sherbet strain. Maintaining humidity levels low in hydroponics could be more challenging. This cultivar takes about 8 weeks to bloom, with outdoor harvest coming between late September to early October.

Typically, the sole disadvantage to producing Sherbet cannabis is that it produces a poor to average yield. When growing cannabis ndoors, you could anticipate 8 oz of bud per meter square, and outside, roughly 11 oz per plant. Therefore, Sunset Sherbert could be an excellent choice if you do not mind the poor output since the cannabis itself is so easy to maintain.

Try out techniques like cannabis fluxing, fimming, SCROG and make sure to regularly check for cannabis deficiencies to get the best results from your Sherbet strain seeds.

Feminized Sherbet seeds

Utilize Sunset Sherbert feminized seeds from Premium Cultivars to get the most out of your efforts. They germinate quickly, are simple to grow, and, most critically, provide you with the highest chance of harvesting a crop to be pleased with.

Sunset Sherbet Strain FAQs

How long do Sherbert Seeds take to germinate?

The first process of plant growth is germination. The Sherbet strain takes approximately one to five days to germinate.

What is Sunset Sherbert’s flowering time?

Sherbert feminized will flower in 7-9 weeks, on average.

How long does it take the Sunset Sherbet strain to grow?

Your Feminized Sherbert seeds will be fully developed, and the buds will be ready for harvest in 55 to 65 days since germination.

Does Sherbet Feminized grow better in hydro or soil?

Soil cultivation is perhaps the best growing approach for the Sunset Sherbet strain, particularly indoors. Keeping humidity levels low in hydroponics could be more challenging.

How tall does Sherbert Feminized grow?

Feminized Sunset Sherbert seeds develop to a medium height of 30 to 78 inches.

Where is the best place to Sherbert Feminized in the USA?

Numerous seed stores and dispensaries across the U.S. will promise quality, but none matches customers’ expectations like Premium Cultivars. For the best Sherbet feminized cannabis seeds for sale, order from us, and we will deliver discreetly to your location.

Are there any other names for Sherbet Feminized?

Sherbert is also known as ‘Sherbert OG,’ ‘Sunset Sherbert,’ and ‘Sherbet.’

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