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Afghani, Granddaddy Purple, Larry OG, OG Kush, Purple Punch


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Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple 

Purple Punch has become an instant hit with everyone in cannabis culture and is now one of the most popular genetics to add to the garden. This strain has been involved in so many popular new crosses like the Mimosa, it is hard to resist paying attention to the power that her genetics bring to breeding.

Greenpoint Seeds’ Purple Punch S1 offers many phenotypes that closely resemble this award-winning strain.

Purple Punch S1 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Greenpoint Seeds used Supernova Gardens’ original cut of Purple Punch to pollinate itself, thus creating Purple Punch S1. These S1 seeds reliably produce phenotypes that closely resemble the clone-only Purple Punch cut.

Growers can be sure to find many outstanding purple plants that are frosty and flavorful. Some phenotypes may lean toward the fruity fragrance and stunning color of Grandaddy Purple, and others may offer the earthy flavor and potent effects of Larry OG.


Purple Punch is packed with terpenes, emitting a pungent aroma that is wonderfully sweet. This cultivar offers a sugary bouquet of grape candy, blueberry muffins, and tropical punch. Some users also detect hints of vanilla and herbs from this delectable strain.


Much like its aroma, Purple Punch S1 offers a lip-smacking flavor that is amazingly sweet. Depending on the phenotype, some plants may take on the sugary grape-candy taste of Granddaddy Purple, and others may provide the rich, earthy flavor of Larry OG. Most phenotypes will offer the complex, fruity flavor that Purple Punch is famous for.


Purple Punch is a powerful strain known to produce between 18 percent and 20 percent THC. This cultivar delivers a soothing high that relaxes both the body and mind. The effects start with a joyful sensation that may elevate the mood and ease stress. Soon, the uplifting effect turns into a comforting stone that may reduce pain and tension throughout the body.

Many users have stated that Purple Punch leaves them feeling alert and functional yet free from stress and pain. This strain’s powerful yet balanced effects make it a popular choice among medical cannabis users.


Purple Punch is of average height, with strong, thick branches and broad, dark-green fan leaves. This strain produces enormous colas that are colorful and resinous. The buds are moderately dense, featuring lavender sugar leaves, fiery pistils, and a liberal dusting of trichomes.

This cultivar typically presents eye-catching shades of purple in the flowers and leaves when exposed to cold temperatures. Note that some Granddaddy Purple-dominant phenotypes may be shorter and more colorful, and some Larry OG-dominant plants may be taller and lankier.

Growing Purple Punch S1

Purple Punch is a resilient and easy-to-grow strain that is perfect for growers of all skill levels. This cultivar is resistant to most pests and diseases and can recover quickly from most environmental stressors.

She is a highly versatile strain and can thrive both indoors and outdoors. Its short and bushy structure makes this variety suitable for areas with little vertical space; however, some Larry OG-dominant phenotypes may be somewhat taller.

When grown outdoors, this variety performs best in a warm climate with moderate levels of humidity. This variety can complete the flowering cycle in just seven to eight weeks when provided with adequate nutrition and a favorable environment.

Pest & Disease Control 

Although Purple Punch is resistant to most pests, it is known to be somewhat vulnerable to caterpillars. If left unchecked, these insects may cause damage to the buds and leaves, and stunt the growth of the plants. Growers can avoid caterpillar infestations by utilizing predatory insects, bug screens, barrier fabrics, and various foliar sprays.

Due to its OG Kush pedigree, some plants may require more calcium and magnesium than others. Growers can use a cal-mag supplement to feed the plants or enrich the soil with dry amendments such as dolomite lime and crush oyster shells. Adding a little extra calcium and magnesium may help prevent nutrient deficiencies and increase the overall quality of the buds.

Buy Purple Punch S1 Cannabis Seeds

It’s no mystery why Purple Punch is such a popular strain. This cultivar spoils growers with its fast flowering time, large yield, and vigorous growth. Cannabis connoisseurs revere its sweet, grape-candy flavor, stunning purple buds, and potent, soothing stone.

Greenpoint Seeds’ Purple Punch S1 delivers all of the award-winning qualities that have made this strain a staple among growers and users. These seeds are sure to produce many offspring that are similar to the famed clone-only cut.

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Photo/Grow Credits: @gardenwithsalts Purple Punch