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Flowering Length

70-80 Days

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Recommended Growing Area

Indoor or Outdoor


Temperate, Warm




Berry, Earthy, Fruity, Grape, Pine, Sandalwood, Sweet


Blackberry, Candy, Earthy, Fruity, Grape Gushers, Pine


Balanced, Relaxing


Alien Kush, Alien OG, Granddaddy Purple, Larry OG, Purple Punch, Tahoe OG


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Alien OG x Purple Punch

Purple Aliens is a potent cannabis strain ideal for both medicinal and recreational uses. It’s large, colorful buds are earthy and sweet, and emit a powerful perfume of grape, lemon, and pine.

Though labeled as an even 50/50 hybrid, this hard-hitting strain tends to lean heavily on the Indica side of the spectrum. Both in its growth pattern and its effects, Purple Aliens boasts all of the characteristics any Indica fan would love.

This strain is medium to tall in height, with strong, thick stems and broad leaves. Thanks to its dense, trichome-rich flowers, fantastic flavor, and powerful effects, Purple Aliens is, indeed, a stellar strain.

The Purple Aliens cannabis strain comes from parents, Alien OG and Purple Punch. With such attractive parents, it’s no wonder Purple Aliens has become such a fan favorite. Purple Aliens clearly adopts the best characteristics of both parents to deliver a clear-headed body high and relief in all the right places.

Alien OG Remastered

Alien OG passed more than its earthy pine flavor to its Purple Alien child. Indeed, its tendency to produce unearthly amounts of trichomes deep within its bright-green buds creates a high-flying head high that both parent and offspring provide. The Alien OG experience kicks off with a blast in the form of pressure behind the eyes.

As cognitive change quickly takes hold, many users report intense thought processes that may be overbearing to some. However, those comfortable with these cerebral effects will likely find pleasure in this strain’s ability to enhance sensory perception.

Though its cognitive effects are often the first detected, within mere minutes, Alien OG’s peripheral effects set in. It is at this time that users report relief from conditions such as nausea, anxiety, insomnia, and general aches and pains. As pain and anxiety fade, users are more apt to enjoy music, conversation, and the beauty of Mother Nature.

High CBD Strain

Purple Punch increases the medicinal value of Purple Aliens thanks to its significant CBD content. This parent strain also hits hard, causing users to feel as if they are floating like a balloon into outer space. As such, Purple Punch offers immediate pain relief though initially the result of sheer distraction. However, as the experience progresses, the lofty head high will often give way to more sedating sensations. Those who can resist the urge to nap at this point still prefer activities that induce rest, such as a movie or a book by the fireplace.

In addition to its mighty fight against insomnia, Purple Punch may provide relief against conditions such as PTSD and anxiety, depression, migraines, cramps, muscle spasms, or just about any other area of discomfort. As such, Purple Punch is a favorite medicinal cannabis strain among patients, distributors, and cultivators alike. Additionally, it’s sweet, grape kool-aid flavor and hard-hitting effects make Purple Punch an excellent recreational cannabis strain, as well.

Purple Aliens Strain

Purple Aliens is an Alien OG x Purple Punch cross that’s really getting noticed. Consumers should not expect stealth travel with this pungent strain. Its strong odor and long-lasting effects are best for those who need not hide their Purple Alien cultivation or consumption. Having said that, Purple Alien is still an excellent strain for stellar pain relief and an out-of-this-world experience. Grab a pack today!

Purple Aliens Genetic Lineage
Alien OG x Purple Punch

Alien OG – %
Purple Punch -%

Photo/Grow Credits: @ganjahworld (2019)


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