Pomelo Strain


Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool

Strain Type





> 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

6 – 7 Weeks

Harvest Month



Premium Cultivars

Pack Size

3, 6, 12, 24

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Pomelo Seeds

The History of Pomelo Strain Seeds

The lineage is established as a distinct phenotype of the iconic Girl Scout Cookies strain and Mandarin Sunset cannabis breeds, uniquely cultivated by the cookies fam.

How to Germinate Pomelo Seeds

When you plant Pomelo seeds, you will obtain more and better nuggets. Premium Cultivars recommends sprouting your seeds for up to five days on paper towels before planting. Many growers prefer this method since it is easy and takes just the regular household items such as a plate, tweezers, and paper towels. Use this 9-step paper towel process to get your Pomelo seeds to germinate quickly.

  1. Prepare your Pomelo seeds, a dinner plate, paper towels, bottled or cleaned water, and tweezers.
  2. Make sure you have two moist paper towels. Then wring off any excess water.
  3. Place Pomelo seeds about an inch apart on a paper towel with tweezers.
  4. Cover your cannabis seeds with a second paper towel and, if necessary, water them.
  5. Raise the paper towels to inspect the dish for any residual water. Wipe away any remaining residue with a moist towel.
  6. Place the plate containing the pot seeds somewhere cold and dark.
  7. Keep an eye on your Pomelo seeds and keep them moist for the first 24 to 120 hours.
  8. It would help if you got ready to plant your Pomelo seeds when the taproots are about an inch long.
  9. Finally, take your cannabis seeds from their box with tweezers and insert them root-first into their growing medium.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Regs?

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of manually sexing your cannabis plants, feminized cannabis seeds are a great option to consider. Cannabinoids and other compounds that make you feel high or help you feel better are in high amounts in the flowers of feminized cannabis plants. Also, it is easier to harvest only female plants than male and female plants combined. On the other hand, regular seeds can either make male or female seedlings when planted, so it is possible that some of your plants are male and won’t bloom.

Growing Pomelo Seeds

You can grow Pomelo Cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors, and it takes between 7 and 9 weeks for them to bloom and are ready for harvest in mid-October when cultivated outdoors. For the best results, try to grow Pomelo seeds in warm, humid weather and prune them often. This strain is pretty resistant to mold and bugs. It works best with the Screen of Green growing technique.

Should I Grow Pomelo Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

Pomelo seeds do well both indoors and outdoors.

Growing Pomelo Seeds Indoors

Pomelo cannabis seeds can be grown indoors with the proper setup. They will need a soil mix and a container at least 18 inches deep. A grow light will also be necessary, as well as a fan for ventilation. The plants must be watered regularly and given a nutrient-rich soil mix.

Growing Pomelo Seeds Outdoors

You can plant Pomelo cannabis seeds outdoors in early spring after the last frost has passed. Ensure you plant the seeds in rich, well-draining soil in an area that gets full sun. Water the seeds regularly, and thin the seedlings to one per pot when they are a few inches tall. When the plants are about a foot tall, you can transplant them to their permanent outdoor home.

How Much do Pomelo Seeds Yield?

When you grow Pomelo seeds, expect outdoor production to be 20 ounces per plant and indoor output 18 ounces per square meter.

How to Get Better Yields from your Pomelo Seeds

Consider pruning your Pomelo plants for better yields and employ Screen of Growing (SCROG) methods.

The Best Grow Medium for Pomelo Seeds

Pomelo Seeds do well both in soil and hydro.

The Best Climate for Pomelo Seeds

Consider growing Pomelo seeds in a warm and humid climate for best results.

Problems to Look Out For when Growing Pomelo Seeds

Pomelo plants are susceptible to pests and diseases. These include mealybugs, whiteflies, scale insects, caterpillars, and aphids. They can also be affected by fungal diseases, such as citrus canker and brown rot. Another issue is that Pomelo plants are susceptible to drought stress. It can happen if the plant doesn’t get enough water or the soil drains poorly.

How Difficult is it to Grow Pomelo Seeds?

Pomelo seeds are relatively friendly to grow.

Are Pomelo Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

Pomelo cannabis seeds are a good option for growers of all levels. They are easy to grow indoors and outdoors and are not picky about their growing conditions.

The Best Grow Techniques for Pomelo Seeds


The screen of green, or SCROG, is a cannabis growing technique that involves using a screen or net to train the plant’s branches to grow horizontally. This technique is often used with hydroponic systems, as it can increase crop yield. You can use SCROG with any cannabis plant, but it is especially effective with Sativa plants, which grow tall and slim.


Pruning involves removing unwanted or excess growth from a plant. It is a common practice in cannabis growing and is necessary for keeping plants healthy and tidy. Pomelo seeds benefit from pruning because it helps to control their size and shape. It also stimulates new growth and can improve the quality of the fruit.


Mainlining is a technique used to create a central leader for the plant. This leader will be the primary source of new growth for the plant. You then prune back the main stem of the plant to encourage side branching. You also train the recent growth from the side branches to grow vertically. This technique is used to create a plant that has a robust central structure.

Are there Similar Seeds to Pomelo Seeds for Sale Online?

The cannabis seeds, similar to Pomelo, include MAC 1, Dosidos, Boy Scout Cookies, Gorilla Zkittlez, and Mango.

Where Can I Pomelo Seeds?

An exceptional seed bank known as Premium Cultivars is where you can get Pomelo cannabis seeds. If you have a credit card, making payment for the seeds will be easy.

How do I Pomelo Seeds?

Premium Cultivars provides customers in the United States with cannabis seeds with a high potential output. As one of the most well-known seed banks in the world, Premium Cultivars makes Pomelo Seeds available to customers in all of the states that have decriminalized cannabis cultivation for recreational use. Customers who purchase $100 or more on Pomelo seeds qualify for free delivery, and our website offers a wide variety of seeds from which they may decide what they want to grow. Using a credit or debit card as a payment method is the most convenient option.

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