Obama Runtz Strain


Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool

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< 30 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

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3, 6, 12, 24


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Obama Runtz Seeds

Obama Runtz seeds are some of the best. As the popularity of the Obama Runtz strain grows, it’s a great idea to get in on the ground floor and some Obama Runtz today and get growing. The Obama Runtz cannabis strain is quickly increasing in popularity, so much so that it is fast becoming one of the most in-demand strains on the current cannabis market. Find out why Obama Runtz is in such high demand below.

The History of Obama Runtz Strain Seeds

Obama Runtz seeds are said to be an east coast cultivar that first appeared in mid-2020 and is thought to be a hybrid between OG Kush and Afghani. This cannabis is a distant cousin of the Obama Kush. Despite this, no breeder or grower has come forward to identify or validate the hybrid’s origins. Furthermore, these Feminized cannabis seeds have nothing to do with politics or President Barack Obama. For all we understand, the former President may be utterly unaware of its existence.

Atlanta is not exactly famed for originating exotic cannabis strains. However, with the Obama Runtz strain, it has managed to birth a hot new strain. This bud has become a national phenomenon and there is much to explore from its potent high and relaxed experience. Obama Runtz is a cannabis strain that has been popularized by street culture.

Obama Runtz cannabis strain comes from a three-way cross of Afghani, OG Kush, and Runtz. This strain has long, grape-shaped green nugs with bright neon color. You will love its thick orange hairs and the coating of clear pristine trichomes that drip with sticky resin.

Obama Runtz is a fresh hybrid strain that blends Indica and Sativa characteristics. It is inspired by the old campaign message of President Obama, which is “change.”

Is Obama Runtz Indica or Sativa?

The Obama Runtz cannabis is predominantly an Indica with 70 percent and 30 percent Sativa.

How to Germinate Obama Runtz Seeds

The paper towel approach is one way to ensure the complete germination of Obama Runtz seeds. Most farmers choose this method since it is straightforward, cost-effective, and all resources are readily available at your disposal.

What you need to Germinate Obama Runtz

  • Water
  • Obama Runtz strain seeds
  • Paper towel
  • A plate
  • A set of tweezers
  • Spray bottle

Step-by-Step Obama Runtz Seeds Germination

  1. Ensure the two paper towel sheets are completely wet with the cleansed water.
  2. Lightly twist each piece to remove any excess liquid.
  3. Place one moist paper towel sheet on a platter.
  4. Using forceps, spread out your cannabis seeds. When handling Obama Runtz seeds, avoid using your fingers since the oil on your hands may contaminate them.
  5. Cover the cannabis seeds with another moist paper towel, pushing them down lightly with your palm to keep them tight.
  6. Put your plate in front of a sink and let any surplus water drain.
  7. Put your plate in a dark, quiet place, such as a drawer, and leave it for five days.
  8. Recheck your cannabis seedlings every 24 hours. If the paper towels grow dry, spray or pour more water on them to keep them moist the entire time.
  9. You may transfer your cannabis seeds to your favorite growing medium once they produce a quarter-inch-long taproot.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Regs?

Feminized seeds are the greatest option if you want a smooth journey to big-yield-land. If you pick a high-quality strain from a reputable breeder, you’ll be able to produce many high-quality plants, each of which will behave in largely predictable ways. Additionally, Feminized cannabis seeds are likely to be the best choice for the novice grower, at least for the first few crops. These initial attempts should be used to perfect your growing abilities and learn how cannabis plants function. Removing the difficulties of breeding, this becomes much easier. Pros:

  • Only bud-bearing plants.
  • There is no danger of pollination.
  • Cost-effective since you will not have to eliminate half of your crop.
  • A wide range of stable genetics are accessible.

Growing Obama Runtz Strain Seeds

Growing the Obama Runtz strain is a great achievement. That’s not to say they’re expert-level cannabis seeds but you will be more than happy with the yields.

As with other Indica-dominant cannabis strains, Obama Runtz thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments. Because it still carries the Indica environmental characteristics of being able to withstand harsh and varied environments, the stocky bushes of Obama Runtz will develop wide and bushy. Beginners can grow these cannabis plants because they are fairly resistant to pests and diseases. Expect the flowering to occur between 49 to 63 days if you are growing your strain indoors. If growing outdoors, expect to have the flowering occur in early October. Also, because the Obama Runtz cannabis strain has relatively a short growing season, it tends to do pretty well in cooler climates. Growing it indoors will, of course, help you control the environment to maximize its output.

You can use growing techniques such as topping and basic low-stress training (LST) to give the plant an ideal shape that enhances health and deliver huge yields. In humid areas where the temperatures foster pathogens and pests, watch out for molds because the dense buds of the plant tend to increase the risk of mold. If growing outdoors, you can erect a shelter in case of excess rain and humidity to protect the plant.

For seasoned growers, they will find it easy to work with the Obama Runtz cannabis strain. Just provide the right growing conditions including nutrients, water, and temperatures. If you are doing it indoors, set the temperatures to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to ensure optimal yield and fast flowering time.

Should I Grow Obama Runtz Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

You can either cultivate Obama  Runtz seeds inside or outside. The Obama Runtz strain can grow well indoors or outdoors.

Growing Obama Runtz Seeds Indoors

Obama Runtz strain seeds blossom about 8-10 weeks when grown indoors. Then you may take your pruning shears and get your just harvest.

Growing Obama Runtz Seeds Outdoors

Your Oboma Runtz Feminized seeds may grow higher if cultivated outside in optimum conditions. The roots may dig deeper and anchor bigger plants with fewer size limits. Also, Obama Runtz seeds are usually ideal for harvesting in early October.

How Much do Obama Runtz Seeds Yield?

How to Get Better Yields from your Obama Runtz Feminized Seeds

Indoors, anticipate 14 oz. Per m2, and admire this beauty. If you cultivate it outside, your output should increase to about 16 ounces per plant. Also, these feminized seeds have a medium to high yield.

The Best Grow Medium for Obama Runtz Seeds

These Obama Runtz strain Feminized cannabis seeds are ideal for both soil and hydroponics medium.

The Best Climate for Obama Runtz Seeds

If you want your Oboma Runtz seeds to grow, you should live in a warm, dry atmosphere. Obama Runtz strain loves temperatures ranging from 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Problems to Look Out For when Growing Obama Runtz Strain

  • Excess moisture: When it comes to humidity, it is usually ideal for keeping things on the low side with this strain. Mold is more likely to form if there is too much moisture in the air while the buds grow. However, if humidity levels are too low, the dry air leads plants to lose more water as they breathe. This technique reduces the total moisture content of the plant.
  • Nitrogen deficiency: Use nitrogen on your Obama Runtz strain plants to extract energy from light, which keeps your leaves green. Yellow discolor on your leaves might be an indication of nitrogen deficiency.

How Difficult is it to Grow Obama Runtz Seeds?

Are Obama Runtz Feminized Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

Oboma Runtz cultivation is simple for seasoned cultivators because it only requires TLC (Tender Loving Care). Premium Cultivars’ Feminized Obama Runtz seeds ensure a smoother experience by eliminating the time and work spent rejecting male plants.

The Best Grow Techniques for Obama Runtz Seeds


Make sure to keep your Obama Runtz strain plants trimmed. Otherwise, the bottom half of the plant will not receive enough light or nutrients. Removing superfluous leaves ensures that each plant receives the maximum light, heat, water, and nutrients.

Sea of green

Obama Runtz cannabis seeds are grown tightly in the Sea of green (SOG) method. As a result, the cannabis branches form a canopy that traps light. The leaves turn light into energy, which is essential for photosynthesis.


Low-stress training is utilized to build a general level and even canopy. Multiple bud sites are exposed to direct light rather than the top central bud. As a result, trained cannabis plants often produce more and larger buds than untrained plants in the same habitat or setup.

Are there Similar Seeds to Obama Runtz Seeds for Sale Online?

Related cannabis seeds to Obama Runtz Feminized are Cheese seeds Feminized, Banana Punch seeds, Cherry Pie seeds, and Banana OG seeds.

Where can I Obama Runtz Seeds?

It is not easy to obtain a packet of Obama Runtz seeds. Fortunately, you could rely on Premium Cultivars to take care of you. We provide the highest-yielding cannabis seeds on the internet at prices that would envy our competitors. Furthermore, we distribute discretely throughout the United States.

How do I Obama Runtz Seeds?

If you these Feminized seeds from Premium Cultivars, they will mail them to any state where cannabis seeds are legal. Free shipping is available on all Obama Runtz Feminized orders over $100. Obama Runtz Feminized cannabis seeds are available on the Premium Cultivars website. All interested consumers are encouraged to visit it, browse through the seeds, place their purchases online, and pay using the payment techniques. We accept all major credit and debit cars; Discover, American Express, Visa, Mastercard and more!

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