Maui Wowie Strain


Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene

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> 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

3 – 6

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

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3, 6, 12, 24


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Maui Wowie Seeds

Maui Wowie Feminized Origin

There are numerous theories trying to explain the origin of Maui Wowie. For example, some people claim that it is a Hawaii-bred, a blend of both Hawaiian and South Asian strains that evolved naturally in the 60s. Others say it is a landrace strain since it originated from an island and relatively experienced no travel until Hippies arrived in 1960. Regardless of the debate about the Maui Wowie origin, everyone agrees that this strain came from Maui.

Germinating Maui Wowie Feminized Seeds

Cultivating Maui Wowie feminized seeds is generally simple since they are naturally resistant to pests and diseases, an added advantage to beginners. There are also numerous methods available for germinating your Maui Wowie seeds, but Premium Cultivars often advises cannabis growers to use the paper towel method. This method is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to effectively germinate your seeds. Below are easy-to-follow steps on how the paper towel method works:

  1. You will need your Maui Wowie seeds, a pair of tweezers, distilled water, four paper towel sheets, and two clean dinner plates.
  2. Wet two of the paper towel sheets in water, but make sure no excess water is dripping off.
  3. Put the moist sheets on the dinner plate and place the seeds on the sheets. Remember to arrange your seeds, leaving at least 1-inch between them.
  4. Cover your Maui Wowie strain seeds with the other remaining paper towel sheets atop the other plate. Leave the seeds in a room with temperatures of between 70 and 90°F.
  5. Constantly check the sheet to ensure that they remain well-hydrated.
  6. Once a single sprout, the taproot protrudes from the seed, carefully transfer the seedling to your growing medium. Make sure to make use of the tweezers when touching the taproot.

Growing Maui Wowie Feminized Seeds

The Maui Wowie plant naturally grows lanky and tall, reaching maximum heights of 6-7 feet when grown outdoors. Since the plant’s place of origin is a tropical island with humidity levels between 61-66%, this strain can thrive well in a slightly moist environment.

During the flowering stage, the plant normally produces moderate to high yields of moss green buds with abundant frosty trichomes and deep red-orange pistils. Although, the Screen of Green (SOG) system can be applied to increase the plant’s yield.

The Maui Wowie plant can successfully grow in areas with daytime temperatures below 70°F and nighttime temperatures not less than 60°F- can survive temperatures of 90°F only in high-CO2 environments.

When grown indoors, it is advisable to maintain the plant’s native Hawaiian climate for it to mature and flower. Super soil will mimic the plant’s native rich volcanic medium, while high-density discharge (HID) lams will help recreate the tropical and sunny conditions of the Aloha state.

Within 9-11 weeks, you should expect between 1.15 and 1.47 ounces per square foot planted. If you plan to grow your Maui Wowie cannabis seeds outdoors, remember to plant them in areas with similar conditions to that of tropical Hawaii.

Feminized Maui Wowie Seeds

Maui Wowie seeds are a favorite cultivar among cannabis growers worldwide. Despite the fact that genuine Maui Wowie buds are really difficult to find, the best way to make sure to secure a legit stash is to plant your own Maui Wowie plant using seeds from Premium Cultivars – a reputable seed seller.

Maui Wowie Feminized FAQs

How long does Maui Wowie Feminized take to germinate?

Maui Wowie feminized seeds usually take several days or weeks to germinate fully.

What is the Maui Wowie Feminized flower time?

Maui Wowie’s blooming time ranges between 9 to 11 weeks.

How long does it take Maui Wowie Feminized to grow?

Maui Wowie Cannabis seeds take an average of 9 weeks to be ready for harvest.

Does Maui Wowie Feminized grow better in hydro or soil?

If grown indoors, it is advisable to use a hydroponic setup to achieve satisfactory results with minimal care and maintenance. I grow outdoors and use soils that mimic the rich volcanic soils of Hawaii.

How tall does Maui Wowie Feminized grow?

The Maui Wowie plant can reach maximum heights of 2.5m when grown outdoors and below 1.6m when grown indoors.

Where is the best place to Maui Wowie Feminized in the USA?

You will find the best quality Maui Wowie seeds for sale at Premium Cultivars. We offer high-yield feminized seeds at the most competitive prices.

Are there any other names for Maui Wowie Feminized?

The Maui Wowie strain is also referred to as ‘Maui Waui.’

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