Mango Haze Strain


Myrcene, Pinene, Terpinolene

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30 in โ€“ 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 โ€“ 3

Flowering Time

8 โ€“ 9 weeks

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Pack Size

3, 6, 12, 24


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Mango Haze Seeds

Mango Haze Feminized Origin

Mango Haze feminized seeds originated from the crossing of Haze, Northern Lights#5 and Skunk #1. Initially developed by Mr. Nice Seedbank, Mango Haze strain seeds are now a popular strain among cannabis growers.

Germinating Mango Haze Feminized Seeds

Depending on the germination method and prevailing conditions, Mango Haze cannabis seeds can yield impressive amounts of fresh bud, ranging from 450-600g per square meter planted. All this begins with using effective germination, which is why Premium Cultivars recommends the paper towel method.

The paper towel method typically involves the use of tools often found at home, eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment. Here is a simple 9-step guideline on how to use the method to sprout your Mango Haze seeds:

  1. You will need your Mango Haze cannabis seeds, a clean dinner plate, a bottle of purified water, paper towels, and a sterilized pair of tweezers.
  2. Place the paper towels in water to moisten them then gently drain them off excess water.
  3. Place the moistened paper towels on a dinner plate.
  4. Take your Mango Haze strain seeds and put them on the paper towel on the plate. Neatly arrange them leaving at least 1-inch spaces between every two seeds.
  5. Place the other remaining paper towels on top of the cannabis seeds and wet them to keep the seeds moist, but not wet,
  6. Lift the paper towels to check for any standing water underneath the dinner plate.
  7. Place the setup with your Mango Haze seeds in a warm and dark place. A drawer or cupboard will suffice.
  8. Leave them for 20-120 hours and regularly check them to make sure they remain moist.
  9. Once a taproot protrudes from the Mango Haze seeds, use your pair of tweezers to transplant them to a growing medium.

Growing Mango Haze Feminized Seeds

Fortunately, Mango Haze feminized seeds can grow successfully indoors, outdoors, and in a hydroponic setup, as well as in a greenhouse environment. The strain is also naturally resistant to mold attacks among other common cannabis diseases. The main downside is that it can be challenging for growers to care for this cultivar and produce high yields. You will need at least some experience growing cannabis.

When grown indoors, Mango Haze seeds should be grown under a 600W lamp and the branches should be pruned during its vegging phase. The flowering time for indoor germination is around 8 to 11 weeks and this cultivar should be able to produce at least 16-20 ounces per square meter planted.

On the other hand, when cultivated outdoors, the buds are ready for harvest between October and November. They deliver abundant yields about 24 ounces or more per plant.

Feminized Mango Haze Seeds

Mango Haze feminized seeds are one of most elite Indica-dominant hybrids and respectable strains in the cannabis community. This is thanks to their outstandingly high yields and widely respected lineage.

While they might be a tad challenging for beginners, these seeds are worth all the fuss. If you wish to know what the excitement surrounding Mango Haze is all about, visit Premium Cultivars and get yourself some Mango Haze seeds for sale!

Mango Haze Feminized FAQs

How long does Mango Haze Feminized take to germinate?

Your seeds should sprout some taproots within 24 to 120 hours.

What is the Mango Haze Feminized flower time?

Mango Haze feminized seeds have a blooming time of about 9-12 weeks.

How long does it take Mango Haze Feminized to grow?

When cultivated outdoors, Mango Haze feminized seeds should be ready for harvest between the months October and November.

Does Mango Haze Feminized grow better in hydro or soil?

Mango Haze seeds do well in either a hydroponic set up or a greenhouse environment.

How tall does Mango Haze Feminized grow?

The Mango Haze plant can reach heights of up to 2 meters when grown outdoors.

Where is the best place to Mango Haze Feminized in the USA?

Premium Cultivars stocks the best selection of Mango Haze seeds for sale online. Our seeds are sourced from reputable breeders and are guaranteed to germinate and produce satisfying yields.

Are there any other names for Mango Haze Feminized?

Unfortunately, Mango Haze has no other names.

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