Mango Kush Strain


Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene

Strain Type





< 30 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

Harvest Month


Pack Size

3, 6, 12, 24


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Mango Kush Seeds

The Origin of Mango Kush Feminized Cannabis seeds

Mango Kush seeds are born from a union between Mango and Hindu Kush. The most heard myth is that a hippy created these feminized seeds in the early 1960s. Users still have arguments about the origin of this spectacular cannabis.

Growing Mango Kush Feminized Cannabis seeds

Mango Kush seeds are known to be a slow starter when they grow, but sometimes the process elevates. The growth usually makes people wonder how this plant survives. This is because one moment, you think the plant is not going to grow, but after a while, it sprouts so quickly. Once this feminized seed has matured, it grows to a decent height. This cannabis seed is well-known for being short when still young, but the plant can reach even 5 feet once it has grown.

This feminized seed has dense buds and flowers forming in the central stem. When the plant fully matures, it may require little extra support because the buds become heavy and dense. Also, another technique of taking care of this plant is to occasionally prune to control the rapid growth. When you grow the plants indoors, you will be required to start pruning them as early as 7 weeks.

The ideal climate to cultivate these feminized seeds is high temperatures and humidity. This plant thrives so well in the Mediterranean areas due to warm climates and long summers. Growing the Mango Kush seeds outdoors is more effective because the production is usually higher per grams’ plant. Usually, the plant is ready for harvest between September and October. The Mediterranean climate usually contributes to early harvesting due to long summers.

Additionally, these feminized seeds are robust and highly resistant to diseases and pests.

Germinating Mango Kush seeds

Mostly, these seeds take up to 9 weeks to grow and blossom. When you take care of the plant from a young age, you will expect maximum yields. The most adventurous advantage of these feminized seeds is that they grow very fast and with ease.

Mango Kush Feminized seeds FAQs

What is Mango Kush seeds flowering time?

These feminized seeds take approximately 9 weeks to blossom. This type of cannabis takes the shortest time to blossom to other varieties.

How tall do Mango Kush seeds grow?

When this seed is growing, it is usually short but eventually grows to approximately 5 feet when it has matured.

What is the appearance of Mango Kush?

When Mango Kush is growing, it tends to have shades of green and orange. Once it has matured, the buds tend to change colors with shades of red and violet leaves.

Where can I Mango Kush seeds?

Visit Premium Cultivars to high-quality Mango Kush seeds.

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