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Cool, Temperate, Warm




Berry, Fruity, Grape, Rubber Tires, Skunk, Sweet


Blackberry, Earthy, Fruity, Fuel, Grape Gushers, Pine




Chem 4, Cherry Pie, Grape Pie, Grape Stomper, Stardawg, Tres Dawg

Grape Pie x Stardawg

Jelly Pie is a divine pairing of Grape Pie and Stardawg. This hybrid ticks all the right boxes, offering hardy, vigorous growth, copious yields, rich aroma and flavor, excellent trichome production, and a potent but balanced high.

A variety with a nose of exceedingly sweet grape jelly, Grape Pie brings back memories of sandwiches from my youth. Grape Pie is aesthetically stunning, with trichomes covering every part of its purple-tinted calyxes. The Indica-leaning stone delivers a long-lasting experience of relaxed and happy numbness. By combining Grape Pie with Stardawg, Greenpoint Seeds has created Jelly Pie—a balanced hybrid that adds some much-needed funk to the popular Grape Pie cultivar.

Jelly Pie Cannabis Seeds

Grape Pie, the mother of Jelly Pie, was originally bred by Cannarado Genetics—an esteemed seed breeder based in Colorado. Cannarado’s Grape Pie has been used to create a wide variety of potent, frosty, and exceptionally flavorful hybrids.

The breeders at Greenpoint Seeds used their famous Stardawg stud to pollinate a standout phenotype of Grape Pie. This hybrid—known as Jelly Pie—combines the outstanding traits of both parental lines. Jelly Pie brings together the fruity flavor and hardiness of Grape Pie, and the skunky aroma and generous yield of Stardawg.


Jelly Pie fuses the fruity fragrance of Grape Pie with the pungent odor of Stardawg, creating a rich bouquet that is loaded with terpenes. This variety smells of grape pastries, with sharp notes of petrol and skunk.


Jelly Pie offers a rich, mouthwatering flavor that is delightfully complex. This strain tastes of grape, herb, and soil, with funky notes of diesel and skunk. Some Grape Pie-dominant phenotypes may taste sweeter, and some Stardawg-dominant plants may be earthier and skunkier. Most will offer a blend of mouthwatering flavors.


Jelly Pie combines the soothing and relaxing effects of Grape Pie with the stimulating cerebral high of Stardawg, creating a well-balanced strain that awakens the mind and comforts the body. Some Grape Pie-dominant phenotypes may be more narcotic, and some Stardawg-dominant plants may be more stimulating. Most will offer a balanced high that is excellent for medical and recreational users alike.


Like its parents, Jelly Pie is stout and bushy and of medium height. This variety forms medium- to large-size colas that are remarkably colorful and frosty. The flowers are dense and resinous and dotted with fiery-orange pistils and violet sugar leaves. Some Grape Pie-dominant phenotypes may be more colorful and Stardawg-dominant plants.

Growing Jelly Pie

Like its parents, Jelly Pie is a beginner-friendly strain that is hardy and vigorous. This strain performs well indoors and outdoors in a variety of climates. Jelly Pie can complete the flowering cycle in nine weeks when provided with a stable environment, plenty of lighting, and a nutrient-rich diet. Due to the weight of the hefty colas, growers may benefit from staking or trellising the plants.

Pest & Disease Control

Although Jelly Pie is a pest- and disease-resistant strain, growers should always follow an IPM (integrated pest management) program. By keeping the garden clean and free of debris, pruning the plants, avoiding over or underwatering, and providing sufficient lighting and airflow, growers can prevent a wide array of issues such as mold, mildew, and insect infestations.

Buy Jelly Pie Cannabis Seeds

Jelly Pie is a hardy, beginner-friendly strain that reliably produces big yields of dense, frosty buds. This premium hybrid of Grape Pie and Stardawg offers an array of elite phenotypes that range from sweet and fruity to earthy and skunky. Jelly Pie is perfect for those who prefer a little funk in their purple strains. Its balanced high and complex flavor make Jelly Pie a favorite among medical and recreational users.

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Grow Credits: Ganga Shaman Farms (2017)
Photo Credits: @Anthony.Lorenz.Photography (2017)