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Cannabis Type

Indica 60% Sativa 40%

Flowering Length

62-75 Days

Finishing Height

Medium Tall -Tall

Recommended Growing Area

Indoor or Outdoor






Berry, Fuel, Grape, Onions, Pine, Skunk


Blackberry, Earthy, Fruity, Fuel, Grape Gushers, Pine




Chem D, Girl Scout Cookies, GMO, Granddaddy Purple, Larry OG, Purple Punch


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GMO x Purple Punch

GMO Punch is a cross of GMO and Purple Punch. This incredible hybrid delivers unique phenotypes that highlight the championed qualities of each parent. You can expect extremely resinous, high-yielding flowers and killer hash quality. The aromas from GMO Punch range from garlic and mothballs to sour grapes and rotten fruit. This variety delivers uplifting effects that can quickly bring on the munchies and a long nap. This is not a cultivar for novice users.

GMO Punch Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Greenpoint Seeds used Supernova’s prized cut of Purple Punch to cross with the funky and frosty GMO strain. This hybrid, known as GMO Punch, offers the superior resin production and pungent aroma of GMO and the striking color and hardy growth of Purple Punch. This exotic strain produces a wide range of elite phenotypes.


One of GMO’s most remarkable traits is its raunchy fragrance. As the name indicates, this strain smells distinctly of garlic, mushroom, and onion. When the dried flowers are broken apart, undertones of soil, kerosene, and roadkill skunk also become apparent.

Purple Punch, the other parent of GMO Punch, radiates a rich, mouthwatering scent that is fruity and sweet. Purple Punch delights the senses with a bouquet of grape soda, blueberry, and candy, with hints of vanilla and spices.

GMO Punch unites the funky, skunky aroma of GMO with the sweet, fruity scent of Purple Punch. This variety smells of grape, berry, and vanilla, mixed with acrid undertones of garlic, skunk, and petrol.


GMO Punch offers a complex, sweet-and-skunky flavor that is wholly unforgettable. This variety tastes of vanilla, berries, and grape soda, with earthy hints of skunk, garlic, and pine. Some GMO-dominant phenotypes may be skunkier, and Purple Punch-dominant phenotypes may be sweeter.


GMO is one of the most potent strains on the market. This cultivar consistently tests at 25 percent THC, with some plants containing a staggering 33 percent THC. Although GMO is exceedingly powerful, this strain delivers a well-balanced high that is calming yet functional. Users report that the high starts with an invigorating cerebral rush, which may improve the mood, ease stress, and provide a burst of inspiration. Soon, the Indica effects become noticeable, reducing pain and tension throughout the body. Given its tremendous potency, this variety is best enjoyed during the evening or shortly before bed.

Purple Punch contains between 18 percent and 20 percent THC and offers incredibly soothing effects. Shortly after smoking Purple Punch, users report experiencing a mellow head high that may relieve stress and elevate the mood. This calming cerebral effect shifts a body-numbing stone that may ease pain and tension. Purple Punch is a great choice for an afternoon smoke or a tasty nightcap.

GMO Punch combines the astounding potency of GMO with the soothing effects of Purple Punch, providing a deeply relaxing and euphoric sensation. Given its purported muscle-relaxing and pain-relieving effects, this strain is a great choice for medical cannabis users.


GMO is of medium height, with long stalks and broad, forest-green leaves. This strain forms medium to large-size colas that are profoundly caked in resin. The flowers are dense and frosty, with violet and red sugar leaves, bright orange pistils, and enlarged calyxes.

Purple Punch also is of average height, with emerald-green leaves and sturdy branches. This variety produces big, heavy colas that are encrusted in a thick sheen of resin. The flowers are fluffy but solid, and feature orange pistils and purple sugar leaves. Purple Punch usually presents picturesque hues of violet near the end of the flowering cycle.

Like its parents, GMO Punch is of medium height, with robust branches that have moderate internodal spacing. This strain forms large colas that comprise tight clusters of frosty buds. The flowers and leaves often display an array of arresting colors, including purple, red, black, and lime green.

GMO Punch Growth Traits

GMO is a hardy and resilient variety that is easy to grow. This strain is resistant to many pests, diseases, and environmental stressors and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. When grown outdoors, GMO performs best in a warm and dry climate.

Purple Punch also is a hardy and beginner-friendly cultivar. This strain is resistant to pests and diseases and can withstand most environmental stressors. Purple Punch can be grown both indoors and outdoors and flourishes in a warm climate with moderate humidity.

Like its parents, GMO Punch is a resilient strain that is suitable for growers of all skill levels. Given its average height and sturdy branches, little training is necessary to achieve optimum results. When provided with ample nutrition, a stable environment, and abundant lighting, this strain can complete the flowering cycle in eight to ten weeks.

Pest & Disease Control

GMO Punch is resistant to most pests and diseases; however, incorporating an integrated pest management (IPM) protocol will ensure the best results. Growers can avoid most issues by maintaining a clean growing area, providing sufficient ventilation, and letting the plants dry out between waterings.

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GMO Punch is a beginner-friendly strain that reliably produces top-shelf buds. This variety offers large yields, exotic aromas, exceptional potency, and unsurpassed bag appeal. Its deeply relaxing effects and sweet, skunky aroma make GMO Punch a favorite among medical and recreational users. Growers benefit from its fast flowering time, hefty yield, and marvelous resin production. This strain is sure to please fans of exotic, dessert-themed cannabis strains.

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Photo/Grow: @subduedexcitementwa (2019)