Garlic Breath Strain


Caryophyllene, Limonene, Ocimene

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Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3


30 in – 78 in

Flowering Time

9 – 10 weeks

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3, 6, 12, 24


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Garlic Breath Seeds

The History of Garlic Breath Strain Seeds

Garlic Breath strain seeds are Indica-dominate hybrids combination (60% Indica and 40% Sativa) of GMO and Mendo Breath F2. Garlic Breath seeds can also be compared to certain classic Indica like Northern Lights due to their unique qualities.

How to Germinate Garlic Breath Strain Seeds

Germination is the first phase of your cannabis life cycle and the process through which a dormant seed becomes active. Germination occurs when a seed is exposed to environmental elements that start its development cycle, suggesting that the conditions are suitable for it to flourish. The paper towel method is straightforward for germinating practically any seed indoors. Anyone with basic home supplies can do it. Here are simple steps of how to germinate Garlic Breath seeds using the paper towel technique;

  1. Gather your supplies, including two paper towels, a work area (table), a dinner plate, Garlic Breath seeds, water sprayers, and a pair of tweezers.
  2. Dampen the two paper towels using the water sprayer.
  3. Remove any excess water.
  4. Place one paper towel above each dish on your table.
  5. Distribute some Garlic Breath strain seeds on top, about one inch apart.
  6. Cover the second paper towel around the first one.
  7. Place the cushioned Garlic Breath cannabis seeds in a plastic bag between two dinner plates or beneath a face-down dish.
  8. Keep the paper towel-wrapped Garlic Breath seeds away from window sills and direct sunshine to keep the temperature at 72°F.
  9. Your Garlic Breath strain seeds germinate in two to five days from the hand towel sandwich and create little roots appropriate for transplantation when they are five millimeters or longer.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Regs?

Feminized seeds generate female plants that lack the male chromosome, limiting the likelihood of male seedlings developing. This is accomplished because the exquisite buds you want to enjoy can only be found on female plants. You want to optimize your growing area while keeping the process as easy and painless as possible while cultivating cannabis. Working with only Feminized cannabis seeds eliminates the need to maintain male plants, which must be removed and discarded eventually. Because there are no male plants, each plant you develop produces high-quality buds. Furthermore, because each cannabis plant you cultivate will be female, your growing space is now optimal for development. Even when grown in large quantities, Feminized seeds generate much more stable plants and dependability.

Growing Garlic Breath Strain Seeds

Grow Garlic Breath seeds inside under consistent lighting and heat for the best, most repeatable results. Also, it is critical to try to practice regular topping in order to improve the ultimate production from your Garlic Breath cannabis. Garlic Breath has spade-shaped minty green nugs, vivid orange hairs, and a sandy covering of amber crystal trichomes.

Should I Grow Garlic Breath Strain Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

Garlic Breath cannabis seeds can thrive indoors or outdoors. However, most cultivators prefer indoor settings because of controlled factors.

Growing Garlic Breath Strain Indoors

Indoors, your Garlic Breath strain seeds take 9-10 weeks to flower.

Growing Garlic Breath Strain Seeds Outdoors

Outdoors, Garlic Breath strain seeds are usually ready for harvesting cannabis in September to October.

How Much Do Garlic Breath Strain Seeds Yield?

Garlic Breath cannabis seeds yield about 5-12 ounces per square meter when grown inside and 20 ounces per cannabis plant when grown outdoors.

How to Get Better Yields from your Garlic Breath Strain Seeds?

By appropriately exposing your Garlic Breath seeds to a cooler but still humid environment, the quality and number of the buds can be improved.

The Best Grow Medium for Garlic Breath Strain Seeds

You may grow Garlic Breath strain seeds in organic soil to improve cannabis blossoms while saving money. You may even spend more money on a more expensive hydroponic system to boost growth and yields while managing nutrients.

The Best Climate for Garlic Breath Strain Seeds

Since the Garlic Breath seeds require a certain temperature and atmosphere to develop, a grow tent is suitable for cultivating them inside. Inside the tent, these levels are simple to monitor and adjust. Outside, you’re best off establishing a slightly tropical place to prosper with Garlic Breath. The ideal conditions for this strain should begin warm and humid, just before the flowering period.

Problems to Look Out For When Growing Garlic Breath Strain Seeds

Garlic Breath seeds might be difficult to grow if you haven’t sorted out the best watering plan.

How Difficult is it to Grow Garlic Breath Strain Seeds?

Growing the Garlic Breath strain might be difficult, but an expert grower should have little trouble.

Are Garlic Breath Strain Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

Garlic Breath strain seeds are relatively difficult to develop for novices. If you are new to cannabis production, starting with a more easily accessible strain is recommended.

The Best Grow Techniques for Garlic Breath Strain Seeds


A crucial technique for training cannabis plants is topping. Farmers may direct their cannabis plants to grow horizontally and utilize all of the available light by using the topping method. Any grower may learn the basics of topping because it is so easy to perform. Topping is another “high-stress” training method which entails cutting the main stem or a branch’s top growth point. Many producers worry that by cutting off the ends of their young plants, they will grow slowly.  However, when done correctly, topping is essential for fast filling the canopy and reducing overgrowth.

Moreover, gardeners may alter how a plant develops by eliminating the top apical growth points, where auxins are made. Because it allows lateral branches to grow, this is known as “breaking the apical dominance.” Numerous plant training techniques, like manifolding and mainlining, include topping as a component strategy. To overcome apical dominance and train cannabis plants, it can also be utilized on its own.


One of the best methods for controlling the growth of your plants is pruning. If you want to increase output, delay blooming, encourage lateral branching, and limit the size of your plant, pruning checks all the right boxes. Growers cut specific, small plant parts through the process of pruning. It is done to encourage the development of healthy plants. The removal of unproductive, unhealthy growth that blocks sunlight from reaching the developing flowers is known as pruning. The plant can focus its energy on fortifying and nourishing the buds, shoots, and remaining leaves by getting rid of this growth. The plant can be successfully pruned to improve light exposure and ventilation. Additionally, this encourages a livelier plant with denser buds.

Furthermore, cannabis is typically pruned while in the vegetative stage of development. The plant is at this stage before maturing and becoming ready to bloom. You should have a flourishing plant that is established. It should have several sets of leaves and be about 12 inches tall before you prune it. Also, keep pruning cannabis to a minimum if you want your plants to grow squat and bushy.


Lollipopping is a technique for training your plant to produce more cannabis buds. The cannabis gardening community has praised this high-yielding strategy. Since the plant has less foliage and is well-lit, the buds grow more vigorously. The lollipopping technique emphasizes cultivating a small number of buds while boosting their vitality, quality, and yield quantity. Lollipopping is more efficient indoors because it allows each bud to receive light from a single source. The plant is exposed to light from different angles and orientations due to the sun’s rotation outside. Eventually, the light will come from all angles and illuminate the entire plant.

If lollipopping is done carelessly, it could lower your yield. You must keep it in the designated area and move slowly. Even the slightest movement eliminates potential bud sites over the lollipopping location. Stay with the lower third of the plant out of caution; you should remove it when it gets shaded. Even though tiny buds might grow, they will die if not given enough light. For a beginner, anything above the bottom third is hazardous terrain.

Are There Similar Seeds to Garlic Breath Strain for Sale Online?

Similar strain seeds to Garlic Breath are Whitewalker OG, Wedding Pie, Colorado Bubba, and Watermelon Ice.

Where can I Garlic Breath Strain Seeds?

Premium Cultivars offers Garlic Breath cannabis seeds for sale online. Go to the website, see if your desired search is available, and then place your order.

How do I Garlic Breath Strain Seeds?

Premium Cultivars, a well-known cannabis seed bank, offers high-yielding seeds to customers in the United States. Garlic Breath strain seeds are available in packs of 3, 6, 12, 24, and bulk orders. Premium Cultivars sells Garlic Breath cannabis seeds in every state where cannabis seeds are legal. In addition, orders of Garlic Breath strain seeds worth $100 or more qualify for free shipping. Potential buyers are strongly advised to visit the website, review the Garlic Breath strain seeds, place online orders, and then pay with a credit card.

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