Garanimals Strain


Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Terpinolene

Strain Type





< 30 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

0.5 – 1

Flowering Time

6 – 7 Weeks

Harvest Month


Pack Size

3, 6, 12, 24

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Premium Cultivars

Garanimals Seeds

The History of Garanimals Strain Seeds

Garanimals has gained its reputation as a versatile and dependable strain after many years of thorough testing and improvement. Cannarado Genetics bred Garanimals into a show-stopping strain with high-quality traits. Garanimals, also called “Granimals,” is a hybrid cannabis strain produced by mixing Grape Pie with Animal Cookies. This strain from Spain has evolved into a beloved and robust Indica-dominant hybrid that customers like.

How to Germinate Garanimals Strain Seeds

Cannabis seeds are volatile and should not be expected to germinate every time. As a result, there are numerous techniques for successfully sprouting your cannabis seeds. The paper towel method is one of them. Although unusual, this is one of the most effective methods for germinating cannabis seeds. Many factors can impact the germination of your Garanimals strain seeds, including genetic composition, seed age, and storage conditions. Nonetheless, the paper towel method is usually effective. Here are the steps to successfully germinate your Garanimals seeds:

  1.  Since most essentials can be obtained at home, gathering them is much easier. You’ll need a plate, paper towels, Garanimals seeds, and water.
  2. Soak the two paper towels in the water.
  3. Lay one of your towels on the dish, folded in half. Save the extra paper towel for later use.
  4. Carefully choose the Garanimals strain seeds and place them in the center of the paper towel, about 1 inch apart. Water the cannabis seeds as needed ensuring they aren’t waterlogged.
  5. Cover the Garanimals seeds with the second paper towel.
  6. Ensure the seeds don’t dry out. Add more water, ensuring that the seeds aren’t too damp.
  7. Keep the plate in a cold, dry area, preferably in a cupboard or drawer out of direct sunlight.
  8. Keep your Garanimals seeds for 20-120 hours, checking on them periodically to prevent drying.
  9. The Garanimals seeds will germinate between 3-10 days. After releasing the radicle, please place them in the preferred growing medium.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Regs?

Feminized seeds produce female crops without the male chromosome, reducing the likelihood of male seedlings growing. This is possible because the magnificent buds you desire can only be found in female plants. When producing cannabis, you want to maximize your growing area while making the process as simple and painless as possible. Working with exclusively feminized seeds avoids the need to cultivate male plants, which must eventually be eliminated. Every plant you grow generates high-quality buds since there are no male seeds. Also, because every cannabis plant you produce will be a female, your growing space will be ideal for growth. Furthermore, Feminized seeds generate more vigorous plants and uniformity, even when grown in huge quantities.

Growing Garanimals Strain Seeds

Cultivators describe the plant as a medium in size with some lateral growth. They are not little, but they do not grow to be very tall. Height does not influence the yield of the Garanimals strain as much as other growth factors. Humidity and temperature have a greater influence on the size of your buds. Trim any huge fan leaves that appear at the top of the plant. This ensures that the lower branches and blooming nodes receive adequate light. It will also improve ventilation and supply more energy to the buds, allowing them to flourish and expand. Furthermore, ensure the branches have enough support because they can become quite heavy when filled with buds.

Should I Grow Garanimals Strain Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

Growers can develop these strain seeds indoors or outdoors; however, indoor cultivation is highly recommended due to controlled settings.

Growing Garanimals Strain Indoors

Growers should expect moderate yields from this strain after 8-9 weeks of the blooming period when cultivated indoors. Cultivators can regulate the atmosphere and optimize outcomes by growing Garanimals cannabis inside.

Growing Garanimals Strain Seeds Outdoors

Outdoor gardeners should plant the Garanimals strain in early May for harvest in late September or early October.

How Much Do Garanimals Strain Seeds Yield?

Outdoor growers using Garanimals seeds should expect an average yield of roughly 13 ounces per plant. Garanimals strain normally generates an average yield of 11 ounces per square meter if grown indoors.

How to Get Better Yields from Your Garanimals Strain Seeds

Growers can maximize their Garanimals strain output by growing as many plants as possible, which needs a lot of room and frequent pruning.

The Best Grow Medium for Garanimals Strain Seeds

Garanimals seeds flourish best in a hydroponic setup. This entails replacing soil with a substance like a coco coir. These strain seeds also develop well in soil medium.

The Best Climate for Garanimals Strain Seeds

Cultivating the Garanimals strain or any other type requires the right circumstances and atmosphere. This strain prefers an average temperature with low humidity that remains consistent during its life cycle. Also, Garanimals should not be exposed to severe heat or moist conditions. Its Indica ancestry generates a bushy plant with plenty of leaves, and too much moisture can cause mold.

Problems to Look Out For When Growing Garanimals Strain Seeds

The Garanimals plant has a strong odor even in its vegetative state. If you plan to grow these strain seeds inside, try utilizing carbon air filters to promote ventilation and mitigate the intense odor these plants create.

How Difficult is it to Grow Garanimals Strain?

Garanimals seeds are simple to cultivate, but a little more attention and TLC never hurts. Beginners will like this strain, while professionals will enjoy fine-tuning it.

Are Garanimals Strain Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

Garanimals is an excellent choice for beginning producers because it is one of the more pest and mold-resistant strains.

The Best Grow Techniques for Garanimals Strain


The sea of green (SOG) is a strategy for increasing yield in a small growing space. It is accomplished by cultivating many little plants in a limited space rather than focusing on a few bigger ones. Because the plants are packed so closely together in such a tiny space, they develop together and form a canopy of buds, hence the term “sea of green.” This strategy forces the plants to blossom significantly sooner, encouraging them to utilize their canopy as efficiently as possible.

Since cannabis plants are compact, they concentrate less on side blooms and more on establishing one main, massive bloom. They can begin blooming at a much younger age because they only need to sustain a single enormous cola (a cluster of buds that grow tightly together) rather than staying in the vegetative stage longer to develop large enough to support numerous. This accelerated growth process yields a higher yield in a considerably shorter harvest period.


Defoliation is the method of reducing leaves that are not actively catching light, taking up space, and consuming energy that your plant might be transferring to its buds. The fewer points that require energy, the more energy that can be sent to flowers – you want to maximize energy and nutrients to the final product, and defoliating helps. Note that each strain has its unique structure, and certain variations may not require defoliation, so keep that in mind if you’re currently cultivating a thin plant. All you require is a pair of scissors or a sharp razor to defoliate. Many growers even like to remove the leaves with their hands since they flex and snap off easily.


Cannabis growers know several reasons to carefully clip cannabis fan leaves, including balancing light exposure, managing growth, avoiding disease and mildew, raising the number of flowers, and fostering robust structural development. Furthermore, cannabis pruning can assist cannabis farmers in increasing bud quality and output from their crops. Cannabis plant pruning needs basic instruments and attentive growers. To remove fan leaves or top cannabis plants, use sharp scissors or a specific set of pruning shears. Many seasoned gardeners use a fine scissor or pruning snips for snipping off lower inner leaves before harvest.

Are there Similar Seeds to Garanimals Strain for Sale Online?

Comparable strain seeds to Garanimals are Garlic Breath, Watermelon Zkittlez, Love Affair, and Zkittlez Cake.

Where Can I Garanimals Strain Seeds?

Garanimals seeds are difficult to get by, despite their recent recognition and demand. Conversely, Premium Cultivars seed bank offers high-quality Garanimals strain seeds on their website. You’ll discover some excellent deals in the cannabis seeds for sale section!

How do I Garanimals Strain Seeds?

Obtaining Garanimals strain seeds can be difficult since you must be certain the provider supplies high-yielding seeds. Garanimals seeds can be found at Premium Cultivars, an online autoflowering and feminized seeds seller. These strain seeds are available in three-packs, six-packs, twelve-packs, twenty-four-packs, and bulk purchases. Garanimals seeds are available in any state where cannabis seeds are legal. Also, Garanimals strain sales of $100 (US only) or more qualify for free shipping. Prospective consumers should go to the website, look through the Garanimals strain seeds, place online purchases, and pay with a credit or debit card.

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