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Berry, Cherries, Cookie Dough, Fruity, Pie, Sweet


Blackberry, Cherry, Cookie Dough, Dessert, Fruity




Animal Cookies, Fire OG, Girl Scout Cookies, Grape Pie, Wedding Cake, Wedding Pie


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Wedding Pie x Animal Cookies

Frozen Custard is a treat for growers and users alike. This premium feminized hybrid brings together two legendary, dessert-themed cultivars—Wedding Pie and Animal Cookies—to create a potent strain that is sweet, creamy, and extra frosty.

By crossing the two, Greenpoint Seeds has created Frozen Custard—a vigorous and hardy strain that is jam-packed with aroma, flavor, and potency.

Frozen Custard Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Wedding Pie was created by Cannarado Genetics—a renowned cannabis breeder in Colorado. Cannarado’s Wedding Pie is a dessert-flavored strain that is cherished for its rich terpene profile and potent effects.

Greenpoint Seeds created Frozen Custard by using the clone-only cut of Animal Cookies to pollinate a select phenotype of Wedding Pie. Frozen Custard offers a range of phenotypes that retain the elite qualities of Wedding Pie and Animal Cookies. Some plants may share the sweet, creamy aroma and hardy growth of Wedding Pie, and others may lean toward the zesty flavor and narcotic stone of Animal Cookies.

Frozen Custard is an Indica-dominant feminized hybrid. Feminized seeds are a popular choice among growers because they make it simple and satisfying to grow high-quality cannabis. Growers can rest assured that approximately 99.9 percent of our feminized seeds will produce sexually stable female plants. By using feminized seeds, growers no longer need to worry about male plants pollinating the females.

Frozen Custard Aroma

Frozen Custard melds the fruity, pie-like aroma of Wedding Pie with the sweet-and-sour scent of Animal Cookies. This variety is rich in terpenes and emits sugary notes of cherries, grapes, and cookie dough, mixed with bitter undertones of soil, skunk, and petrol. Some phenotypes may lean toward the sweet, fruity aroma of Wedding Pie, and others may display the cookie-dough funk of Animal Cookies.


True to its name, Frozen Custard tastes like a fruity frozen dessert. This variety tastes of cherry, grape, vanilla, and cookie dough, with hints of soil and petrol. The smoke is smooth and thick, coating the mouth with a sweet, earthy flavor that lingers for several minutes. Some phenotypes may taste more strongly of grape and pie crust, and others may taste more like cherry and cookie dough. Most plants will offer a blend of these flavors.


Frozen Custard combines the relaxing and soothing effect of Wedding Pie with the narcotic and body-numbing stone of Animal Cookies. Users report that this strain may ease tension in the body and mind, relieve pain, and help them fall into a deep sleep. Frozen Custard is the perfect strain for a soothing evening smoke, or late-night delight.


Frozen Custard shares growth characteristics of both parents. This variety is medium to tall in height, with broad, dark-green leaves that sport thick rails of resin. Frozen Custard forms medium-size colas that comprise dense, lime-green buds. The flowers are incredibly frosty, and are decorated with purple sugar leaves and bright-orange pistils.

Growth Traits

Frozen Custard offers the vigor and hardiness of Wedding Pie and the exceptional bag appeal of Animal Cookies. This strain is resistant to most pests and diseases, and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Although Frozen Custard is a resilient strain, some Animal Cookies-dominant phenotypes may be more sensitive to environmental stressors.

Both Wedding Pie and Animal Cookies stretch significantly during the early flowering period. Like its parents, Frozen Custard may stretch considerably in height as it begins to bloom. Growers can limit the vertical stretch and increase the yield of this cultivar by using a variety of high-stress and low-stress training methods. The plants benefit from topping, fimming, super cropping, and other training techniques. The weight of the bulky colas may cause the branches to bend during the late flowering period. Staking or trellising the plants may prevent the branches from sagging. Finally, some Wedding Pie-dominant phenotypes may display extensive lateral branching and a thick canopy of leaves. Growers can increase light penetration and air circulation by pruning the plants and keeping them spaced apart.

Pest & Disease Control

Frozen Custard is resilient to most pests and diseases; however, some phenotypes may be prone to powdery mildew. To prevent powdery-mildew infections, as well as other fungal infections, growers remove excess leaves, provide the plants with ample airflow and lighting, and keep the humidity level low during the flowering cycle. Some growers also use foliar sprays such as water and sodium bicarbonate mixtures to prevent powdery mildew from taking hold in the garden; however, these sprays should not be applied to plants that are flowering.

Both Wedding Pie and Animal Cookies are prone to bud rot. Due to the extreme density and frost of the buds, Frozen Custard also is susceptible to bud rot. Growers can prevent bud rot by lightly pruning the plants, providing sufficient air circulation, and keeping the humidity level below 50 percent during the flowering period.

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Frozen Custard is an elite treat. This premium cannabis strain combines the vigor, yield, and fruity flavor of Wedding Pie with the exotic aroma and exceptional bag appeal of Animal Cookies. Growers love Frozen Custard’s hardy growth and quick flowering time. Medical and recreational users can’t get enough of its sweet, fruity flavor and potent effects.

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Photo/Grow Credits: @rozfromfrasier (2021) Wedding Pie