Durban Poison Strain


Myrcene, Ocimene, Terpinolene

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> 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

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3, 6, 12, 24


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Durban Poison Seeds Durban Poison Seeds are a pure Sativa strain. Nothing gives you an extreme boost of energy in the morning like this strain.

Durban Poison strain seeds originated in the South African port city of Durban. Subsequent to its disconnection from the African continent over time, Durban Poison has significantly adapted to the rainy and windy conditions of Northern Europe.

In pure form, it is fully Sativa but, when combined with numerous strains, there is a high probability that it contains some of the most popular and favorite hybrid strains.

The History of Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

Durban Poison Feminized is a landrace cannabis strain native to South Africa, specifically Durban – the second largest port city in South Africa. Although the origins of this Sativa strain can be found in the South African port city of Durban, it is now disconnected from the African continent. The strain has adapted to the windy and rainy conditions in Northern Europe. In its pure form, Durban Poison seeds are 100% Sativa, but it has been crossed with many strains, so their genetic code can be found in some popular hybrids.

How to Germinate Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

Germinating Durban Poison seeds is relatively easy. With different germinating techniques, you may wonder about the most efficient one. Premium cultivars recommend using the paper towel method to germinate your feminized seed; your seeds are more likely to sprout. The technique is also straightforward with easy-to-follow steps that include:

  1. Gather everything you require, including paper towels, water, a plate, tweezers, and Durban Poison Feminized seeds.
  2. Wet the paper towels with water and gently wring out excess moisture.
  3. Place one wet paper towel on a plate and reserve the other.
  4. Arrange your seeds on the plate, ensuring an inch distance between the seeds.
  5. Cover the seeds with the other damp paper towel.
  6. Check for standing water by lifting the paper towels; drain if any.
  7. Store the plate in a warm and dark place like a closet for about one to three days.
  8. Keep checking on your seeds and add water, so they don’t dry out.
  9. Once the seeds sprout, transfer them to a growing medium using a pair of tweezers.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Regs?

As evident in the name, feminized seeds only produce female plants, meaning these seeds are ideal for growers who desire female plants only. On the other hand, regular seeds are not gender-specific, so they offer the obvious benefit of being able to breed. With feminized seeds, you don’t have to sex the plants, so cultivating is way easier and ideal even for beginners. Feminized seeds also have a 99.9% chance of blooming, so you are almost sure they will grow into female plants. Reliable genetics and wide variety make these seeds an upper hand over regular seeds.

Growing Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

Due to its pure Sativa origin, Durban Poison seeds grow rather tall, with a flowering period of about eight to nine weeks. The seeds usually produce Indica-style leaves during the initial germination process but later become dominant, showing long flowers pierced by thin Sativa-style leaves. When growing Durban Poison seeds, you will realize that they have a shorter vegetative period of 3-4 weeks, unlike most Indica or Hybrid varieties. Premium Cultivars recommend using the SCROG technique to grow your Durban Poison Feminized seeds. The plants are usually ready to harvest around early or mid-Autumn.

Should I Grow Durban Poison Feminized Seeds Indoors or Outdoors

Durban Poison seeds can flourish in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Growing Durban Poison Feminized Seeds Indoors

Use the Screen of Green technique when growing Durban Feminized seeds indoors. A short vegetative period of three to four weeks is enough to get manageable-sized plants.

Growing Durban Poison Feminized Seeds Outdoors

These seeds require adequate space when growing outdoors since they significantly stretch, doubling, or tripling the size during the flowering stage.

How Much Do Durban Poison Feminized Seeds Yield?

How to Obtain Better Yields from Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

Durban Poison seeds thrive outdoors, where they can grow as tall as 10 feet high. You can harvest as much as 21 oz of bud per plant when you cultivate these feminized seeds outside.

The Best Grow Medium for Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

It is best to use a hydroponic medium instead of sterile soil when growing Durban Poison Feminized seeds.

The Best Climate for Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

Durban Poison seeds thrive in sunny environments when grown outdoors.

Problems to Look Out For when Growing Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

Cannabis plants are resilient, but problems like nutrient deficiencies can make them lose their vigor. Signs of cannabis nutrient deficiency usually manifest through the leaves as discoloration or drooping leaves. Your plant could lack one of the many nutrients, including nitrogen, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus. Deficiency in nutrients can cause discoloration, so pinning discoloration to a single nutrient deficiency can be challenging.

How Difficult is it to Grow Durban Poison Feminized Seeds?

Are Durban Poison Feminized Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

Durban Poison seeds are one of the easiest strains to grow. They have a wide temperature and humidity ranges, giving you considerable leeway to where you can grow them.

The Best Grow Techniques for Durban Poison Feminized Seeds


Durban Poison Feminized seeds can grow quite tall when growing outdoors. Therefore, topping helps you limit their vertical growth and promote lateral growth.

Screen of Green

These seeds produce cannabis plants that significantly stretch, doubling, or tripling in size during the flowering stage. The SCROG technique will help you spread out the leaves of the plants, ensuring better airflow and equal light distribution.

Sea of Green

If you cultivate your Durban Poison seeds in a grow room, the sea of green method will help you make maximum use of limited space. The technique also results in abundant bud production.

Are there Similar Seeds to Durban Poison Feminized Seeds for Sale Online?

Several other seeds are related to Durban Poison Feminized Seeds. They include Chemdawg Feminized, Blue Dream Feminized, Banana Kush Feminized, and Black Widow Feminized.

Where Can I Durban Poison Feminized Seeds?

You can Durban Poison Feminized seeds online at Premium Cultivars – a leading seed bank known for selling quality cannabis seeds in the United States.

How Do I Durban Poison Feminized Seeds?

You only need to follow easy steps to Durban Poison seeds. First, log into our Premium Cultivars website, check if the seeds are in stock, and place your order. Cannabis seeds are available in packs of 6, 12, and 24, making them flexible for your customers. We deliver to all states in the US with no cannabis restrictions and accept payments made by all major credit cards. No delivery charges for all orders above $100.

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