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Cannabis TypeHybrid
Flowering Time62-75 Days
Finishing HeightMedium-Tall
Growing EnvironmentIndoor or Outdoor
ClimateTemperate, Warm
Growing DifficultyAdvanced
AromaBerry, Citrus, Fruity, Fuel, Oranges, Rubber Tires, Skunk
Flavor Blackberry, Dessert, Earthy, Fruity, Fuel, Oranges, Pine
Effects Balanced
LineageChem 4, Chemdawg, Gelato 33, Girl Scout Cookies, Sherbet, Stardawg, Tres Dawg
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City Slicker Cannabis Strain by Greenpoint Seed Bank

City Slicker: Gelato 33 x Stardawg

City Slicker is a top-tier hybrid with an elite pedigree. This variety combines Gelato 33 and Stardawg—two proven strains renowned for their potency and aroma. City Slicker brings out the best traits of each parent strain, offering the exotic color, flavor, and bag appeal of Gelato 33 and the vigorous growth and abundant yield of Stardawg.

Gelato 33 has received worldwide acclaim for its glamorous bag appeal and luscious aroma. By combining this legendary strain with our trusty Stardawg male, Greenpoint Seeds has created City Slicker—an easy-to-grow variety that reliably produces top-shelf buds.

City Slicker Cannabis Strain

The breeders at Greenpoint Seeds used their famed Stardawg stud to pollinate the clone-only cut of Gelato 33. The resulting hybrid—City Slicker—produces many phenotypes that display the marvelous qualities of both parents. Some Gelato 33-dominant phenotypes may be sweeter and frostier, and some Stardawg-dominant plants may offer a larger yield and skunkier fragrance. Most plants will offer a blend of qualities from these two elite strains.


City Slicker mixes the sugary-sweet fragrance of Gelato 33 with the skunky, funky scent of Stardawg, creating a mouthwatering bouquet that is magnificently complex. This variety smells of orange and berry, with sharp notes of gasoline, skunk, mint, and damp soil.


City Slicker coats the mouth with an unforgettable sweet-and-skunky flavor. This variety tastes of fresh fruit and mint, with bitter undertones of skunk, diesel fuel, pine, and soil. Some phenotypes may be sweeter and fruiter, and others may be more earthy and skunky. Its range of flavors offers something for everyone.


This strain unites the euphoric and calming stone of Gelato 33 with the invigorating cerebral high of Stardawg, creating a balanced effect suitable for medical and recreational users alike. The high sets in with a stimulating and inspiring cerebral rush and soon begins to relax the muscles and calm the mind. When consumed in moderation, Gelato 33 makes for a delightful afternoon or evening smoke.

Growing City Slicker

City Slicker is an easy-to-grow strain that is suitable for new and experienced growers alike. This variety doesn’t stretch much during the flowering cycle and responds well to high- and low-stress training methods such as topping and fimming. City Slicker can be cultivated indoors and outdoors and thrives in a variety of climates. This hardy strain is resilient to most pests and diseases and, when supplied with adequate nutrition and abundant lighting, can produce a sizeable yield.

City Slicker Plant Structure

Like its parents, City Slicker is of medium height, with sturdy stalks and extensive lateral branching. This hybrid forms medium- to large-size colas, with lime-green and purple buds that are exceptionally dense and frosty. Gelato 33-dominant phenotypes may be frostier and more colorful, and Stardawg-dominant plants may have thicker branches and larger colas.

Pest & Disease Control

Although City Slicker is resistant to most pests and diseases, some plants may be vulnerable to powdery mildew infections. Growers can prevent the spread of powdery mildew by regularly pruning the plants, ensuring proper airflow in the grow room, and ensuring every plant has plenty of lighting.

Wrapping Up…

City Slicker is a sophisticated cannabis strain suitable for even the most demanding cannabis connoisseur. This variety produces top-shelf flowers that are superbly frosty and flavorful. Its balanced high and sweet, skunky fragrance make it a popular choice among medical and recreational users. Growers appreciate its hardy growth, ample yield, and fast flowering time. This is an exceptional hybrid that brings out the best qualities of Gelato 33 and Stardawg.