Cheetah Piss Strain


Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene

Strain Type





30 in – 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

0.5 – 1

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

Harvest Month


Pack Size

3, 6, 12, 24


Premium Cultivars

Seed Type


Cheetah Piss Seeds Cheetah Piss cannabis seeds produce vibrant green buds with yellow and orange hairs and a thick frosty layer of golden amber crystal trichomes.

The History of Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds

Cheetah Piss seeds combine Lemonnade, Gelato 45, and London Pound Cake 97 strains, a trio of great strains. The name “Cheetah Piss”is a riff on the old masterpiece Cat Piss, although the two strains don’t share anything else.

How to Germinate Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds

Germination is the first phase of the cannabis life cycle and the process by which a cannabis seed transitions from its dormant state to its active form. Germination, often known as “popping” seeds, occurs when a seed is exposed to environmental variables that trigger its development cycle, letting it know that the conditions are favorable for it to thrive. The paper towel method is a straightforward way of germinating practically any seed indoors. It will be quicker and more efficient than germination in the soil. Anyone and anyone may do it using inexpensive home supplies. To sprout your Cheetah Piss seeds with a paper towel, follow these simple steps:

  1. To begin, gather your materials, including a dish, water, Cheetah Piss seeds, paper towels, and tweezers.
  2. Next, soak the paper towels in the water. Wring them out to get rid of any extra water.
  3. You should position one of the towels on top of the dish.
  4. After picking the Cheetah Piss seeds, place them on the towel with enough space between them to avoid crowding.
  5. You should put the second paper towel on top of the seeds and cover it. Add extra water as instructed to keep the towels damp but not soaked.
  6. Raise the towels to see if there is water on the plate’s surface. If there is any, drain it.
  7. Put the dish somewhere warm and contained, like a closet or drawer.
  8. Allow seed germination to begin. Cheetah Piss seeds might take anything from 20 to 120 hours to emerge. Continue to sprinkle water on them to keep them moist; do not allow them to dry. Examine them often.
  9. Place the emerging Cheetah Piss seeds in potting soil or a growth medium.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Regs?

The controversy over which type of cannabis seeds to utilize is never-ending, with some arguing for conventional and others for Feminized. The best thing about Feminized seeds, which have since revolutionized indoor gardening, is that they can be used to enhance spacing productivity. Regular seeds need a sexing stage in which the producer must decide whether to use male or female cannabis crops. In addition, when using standard seeds, farmers may be afraid to train crops as they would typically do if the crop is male and not what they are hoping for. Plant training can help gardeners with Feminized seeds boost the general canopy and yield. There are no regrets of wasted time, resources, or work when using Feminized strain seeds, which means that after flowering has started, there will be no need to remove a section of your garden owing to male plants.

Growing Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds

Cheetah Piss seeds can grow up to six feet tall indoors and up to eight feet tall outside! The plants have brilliant green foliage with dense, forest-green nuggets encased in a thick, sticky layer of amber trichomes with a slight purple color over them. Cheetah Piss buds are beautiful because they are covered with yellow and orange hairs.

Should I Grow Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

Cheetah Piss seeds thrive both inside and outdoors with appropriate care and attention.

Growing Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds Indoors

Indoor, Cheetah Piss seeds flowering phase takes about 8-10 weeks.

Growing Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds Outdoors

When growing outdoors, expect a harvest in October.

How Much Do Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds Yield?

How to Get Better Yields from your Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds

Indoor yields can range from 0.5 oz. Per ft2 and more. Prepare for about 5 – 10 oz. Per plant for outdoor settings.

The Best Grow Medium for Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds

The best technique to grow Cheetah Piss seeds is in an indoor hydroponic cannabis system. You may, however, plant it in the soil outside.

The Best Climate for Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds

Cheetah Piss seeds thrive in the Mediterranean environment. They don’t blossom quickly, so keep a look out for frost.

Problems to Look Out For When Growing Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds

With particular strains, such as Cheetah Piss seeds, less is more since they may not need nearly as much water as others. Over-supplementing nutrients can result in a nutritional burn, which can be avoided with little planning.

How Difficult is it to Grow Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds?

Are Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

Cheetah Piss seeds are moderately challenging to grow, making them ideal for experienced growers. Thus, Cheetah Piss seeds are not suitable for beginner producers.

The Best Grow Techniques for Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds

Low-stress training

LST, or Low-stress training, entails bending the plant’s main stem and tying it to keep it at the same height as subordinate branches. This encourages all branches to develop at the same rate and get the same quantity of light. It also has excellent height control. As the crop grows, the tip of the plant will become straight again, attempting to grow upwards, necessitating the repetition of the operation. Make a hole in the pots (if using them) to tie the previously bent plant with a plastic clamp. As the plant grows, repeat the technique on the opposite side of the container.

Additionally, the cannabis plant will ultimately encircle the container, sprouting thousands of secondary branches with profuse blooms that resemble a tulip bouquet. You may also use stakes held by the substrate and bind the branches to shape the plant. Alternatively, you may connect the main stem to it using weighted cords to keep it bent. The LST method must be repeated as many times as needed to keep the plant at an equal height.


Gardeners of all kinds prune their plants to keep them nice and tidy. Many do so since the plants might become out of control and impossible to handle in any other way. Pruning cannabis crops keeps them compact while increasing light and airflow to bud areas. This is particularly useful in locations where the number of plants allowed is restricted by law. Pruning also allows a producer to have fewer cannabis plants while producing the same amount of cannabis. Your cannabis plants might become considerably more lucrative if you do it right.

Additionally, pruning cannabis goes beyond the basics of giving plants life and keeping them happy and healthy. It is not, however, appropriate for beginners. Cannabis crop pruning is a delicate method that might injure your plants. Some experienced growers never prune their plants. They would rather let nature do its thing. Conversely, pruning in a controlled, appropriate manner may be quite valuable. You can produce the healthiest, fastest-growing plants with the most desirable traits when done correctly.

Screen of Green

With the SCROG approach, each budding site receives the same amount of light, generating numerous huge colas and maximizing the use of the whole grow space. Furthermore, there are no higher plants to create shadows on lesser plants; everything on the green screen is around the same height. Scrogging is extremely important for indoor producers in illegal states and countries where the number of legal plants they may cultivate is limited. Four plants employing the SCROG method will produce more high-quality blooms than four not using the approach. Plus, all of the cannabis buds will be top-shelf grade colas. Bottom branches will never have fragile buds that never wholly mature.

Additionally, scrogging may be used to cultivate Sativas indoors. Sativas, instead of Indicas, are tall plants that continue to grow during blooming. While this is not a concern when grown outdoors, they may reach the ceiling if grown indoors. Many indoor producers utilize a green screen to keep Sativas short and maximize indoor harvests and light use.

Are there Similar Seeds to Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds for Sale Online?

Comparable cannabis strains to Cheetah Piss are Sweeties, Magic Melon, The Void, and Webster.

Where can I Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds?

It’s tough to come across a packet of Cheetah Piss seeds. Thankfully, you can rely on Premium Cultivars to care after you. We provide the high-yield cannabis strain seeds available on the internet at prices our competitors would envy.

How do I Cheetah Piss Cannabis Seeds?

Premium Cultivars simplifies the production of Cheetah Piss seeds by offering them. Cannabis strain seeds are not only of high quality, but they are also fairly priced. Depending on your budget, you may packs of 6, 12, or 24 Cheetah Piss strain seeds. Premium Cultivars will supply Cheetah Piss seeds to any state that authorizes the sale of cannabis. Any cannabis order for the Cheetah Piss strain seeds of $100 or more qualifies for free delivery. Additionally, all prospective consumers are invited to explore the Cheetah Piss seeds, make online orders, and pay with a credit card.

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