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Mostly Indica

Flowering Length

60-70 Days

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Indoor or Outdoor






Cake, Citrus, Lemon, Pine, Rubber Tires, Skunk, Vanilla


Dessert, Earthy, Pine, Sweet lemon, Vanilla




Animal Mints, Chem 4, Stardawg, Tres Dawg, Triangle Kush, Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake x Stardawg

Cake N’ Chem is a sweet and skunky pairing of two legendary Strains—Wedding Cake and Stardawg. This elite hybrid is one of our most popular strains because it checks all the boxes, offering massive yields of extraordinarily fragrant and tasty flowers. The flowers are so potent and the trichome coverage so dense that Cake N’ Chem is an excellent choice for extraction experts and home-based DIY rosin presses. This easy-to-grow strain is sure to produce many outstanding phenotypes.

Cake N’ Chem Cannabis Seeds

Greenpoint Seeds crossed the authentic, clone-only cut of Wedding Cake, also known as Triangle Mints, with the illustrious Stardawg, creating a hardy and resilient hybrid that offers big yields of sweet, frosty buds.

Some Cake N’ Chem phenotypes may offer the saccharine scent and remarkable resin coverage of Wedding cake, and others may deliver the skunky flavor and uplifting high of Stardawg. Most will display a blend of these qualities.


Cake N’ Chem brings together the sweet, doughy scent of Wedding Cake with the pungent, skunky bouquet of Stardawg, creating a sweet-and-funky scent that is delightfully complex. This hybrid emits vanilla and cake batter notes mixed with bitter undertones of kerosene, pine, and damp soil.


Cake N’ Chem unites Wedding Cake’s luscious flavor of fruit and vanilla with the piney, skunky flavor of Stardawg. Wedding Cake-dominant phenotypes may taste more of vanilla and cake batter, and Stardawg-leaning plants may take on the diesel-fuel and roadkill skunk flavor of Chemdawg. Most phenotypes are both sweet and skunky.


Cake N’ Chem combines the deeply relaxing stone of Wedding Cake with the uplifting high of Stardawg, creating a well-balanced high that numbs the body and rouses the mind. This variety is rich in cannabinoids and delivers potent effects that, when consumed in excess, may be overwhelming for inexperienced users.

It may be particularly helpful in boosting the mood and alleviating stress. It may also serve to stimulate the appetite and relieve nausea.


Like its parents, Cake N’ Chem is of medium height, with robust branches and large, colorful fan leaves. This hybrid produces medium- to large-size colas that comprise tight clusters of frosty flowers. Its buds are heavily encrusted in resin and sport a variety of stunning colors.

Growing Cake N’ Chem

This powerhouse cross is fun to grow and easy to train. As such, this is an excellent cultivar for growers of all skill levels. The plants respond well to various high- and low-stress training techniques such as topping, super cropping, and fimming.

This strain is hardy and resilient and withstands most pests, diseases, and stressors. This cultivar grows vigorously during the vegetative period and, when provided with a stable environment and ample nutrition, can complete the flowering cycle in nine weeks.

Pest & Disease Control

Although Cake N’ Chem is a pest- and disease-resistant strain, growers should always follow best practices to ensure optimal results. By providing plenty of lighting and ventilation, regularly sanitizing the grow room, providing a stable pH, and feeding the plants with a rich supply of macro and micronutrients, growers can avoid most pests, diseases, and environmental stressors.

Buy Cake N’ Chem Cannabis Seeds

Cake N’ Chem is a first-rate cannabis strain that displays a host of desirable qualities. This hybrid produces hardy, healthy plants that are highly potent and aromatic. This strain combines the unrivaled bag appeal and sweet scent of Wedding Cake with the pungent skunk-funk and energizing effects of Stardawg, creating a truly unique cultivar. Its sweet and funky flavor is just the icing on the cake.

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Photo/Grow Credit: FrostRailOrganics (2019)