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30 in – 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

7 – 9 weeks

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3, 6, 12, 24


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Bubblegum Popperz Seeds

The History of Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds

Bubblegum Popperz is a hybrid strain, with Indica taking dominance. This legendary strain is the third installment of the Popperz Series like Cherry Popperz. It is a fairly new strain in the market but is gradually gaining a name for itself.

How to Germinate Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds

Germinating Bubblegum Popperz Strain seeds is a straightforward process. You could use different germination methods, but Premium Cultivars recommend the paper towel method. You are almost sure that your seeds will sprout using this method. This germination process is also easy for novice growers. You do not have to worry about extra costs since the materials you need are available at home. Below are the steps that the paper towel method involves.

  1. Collect everything you require for the process. This includes paper towels, two plates, water, a pair of tweezers, and Bubblegum Popperz Strain seeds.
  2. Dampen the paper towels with water. The towels need not be drenching wet.
  3. Line a plate with one damp paper towel. Keep the other plate and paper towel for later use.
  4. Place your Bubblegum Popperz Strain seeds on the plate, spacing them an inch apart.
  5. Cover the seeds with the other paper towel and add water if necessary.
  6. Gently lift the paper towels to check for standing water on the plate surface and drain, if any.
  7. Use the second plate to cover the seed and store the dish in a dark, warm place like a closet for at least 72 hours.
  8. Remember to check your seeds and add water regularly so they don’t dry.
  9. Once the taproots are visible, carefully pick the seeds using a pair of tweezers and transfer them to a growing medium.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Regs?

Most growers prefer feminized seeds because they exclusively produce female plants. On the other hand, regular seeds are not gender-specific, meaning they produce male and female plants. Therefore, when growing regular seeds, you need to plant approximately twice as much so that you are left with enough female plants after removing the male ones. But with feminized seeds, you are only required to cultivate the seed you need, saving on growing space, time, and effort. Feminized seeds are also available in a wide variety and are known for their reliable and consistent genetics.

Growing Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds

Growing Bubblegum Poppers Strain seeds is relatively straightforward. However, this strain is sensitive to moisture and therefore susceptible to mold. Therefore, you want to grow it in a warm, dry area or a grow room. Bubblegum Popperz seeds produce dense, frosty buds with wild orange hairs and dark green hues. Feeding the plants with chemical and organic fertilizers is essential for them to thrive. Due to its Indica dominance, Bubblegum Popperz Strain seeds have a short flowering time of about eight to nine weeks.

Should I Grow Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

Bubblegum Popperz Strain seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors. However, you should only cultivate it outside if the climate permits since this strain is sensitive to moisture.

Growing Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds Indoors

Indoor cultivation protects your plants against the weather and helps you control the temperature and humidity. However, indoor cultivation can be costly.

Growing Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds Outdoors

Ensure the environment is warm and dry when growing Bubblegum Poppers Strain seeds outdoors since this strain is sensitive to moisture.

How Much Do Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds Yield?

How to Get Better Yield from Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds

You can expect a yield of about 400 to 500 grams per meter square when cultivated well. Using techniques like pruning can help you get abundant harvests.

The Best Grow Medium for Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds

Bubblegum Popperz Strain seeds can grow hydroponics or a soil medium.

The Best Climate for Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds

Bubblegum Popperz Strain seeds thrive in a warm and dry area – a Mediterranean climate is considered ideal.

Problems to Look Out For When Growing Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds

Cannabis plants are resilient, but that doesn’t mean they are not affected by plant problems. When growing Bubblegum Popperz Strain seeds, you should look for issues like diseases and nutrient deficiencies. When your plants lack a particular nutrient, you may notice that the leaves begin to droop or turn yellow and brown. There are various nutrient deficiencies, including zinc, calcium, and nitrogen deficiency, making it challenging to pin one deficiency to leaf discoloration.

Root rot disease attacks the roots of your cannabis plants. It is a significant issue that can destroy your plants and ruin your harvests. Knowing the signs of root rot in cannabis can help establish when a problem occurs. Other issues to look out for include pests, bugs, and white powdery mildew.

How Difficult is it to Grow Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds?

Are Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

Bubblegum Popperz Strain seeds are quite an easy strain to cultivate, making them perfect for novice and expert growers.

The Best Grow Techniques for Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds


Schwazzing is an extensive defoliation method that allows the pants to receive deep light penetration and promotes a plant’s maximum production. You can use this technique to increase yields when growing your Bubblegum Popperz Strain seeds in the indoor space.


Lollipopping is one of the high-stress training methods that involves removing all of the lowest buds of a plant. This ensures that your plants focus all their attention on the highest bud spots. The result of lollipopping is big, thick buds with maximum power and aroma.


Topping cannabis is where you cut the top branches of your plants to encourage lateral growth and limit vertical growth. The method may seem counterintuitive, but it helps increase the quality and quantity of yields.

Are there Similar Seeds to Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds for Sale Online?

Other seeds similar to Bubblegum Popperz Strain seeds include Mystery Jazz, ICED Grapefruit, Purple Starburst, and Blueberry Yum Yum.

Where can I Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds?

You can Bubblegum Popperz Strain seeds online at Premium Cultivars. We are a leading online seed bank based in the United States known for the best cannabis seeds.

How do I Bubblegum Popperz Strain Seeds?

Getting your hands on a pack of Bubblegum Popperz seeds is pretty straightforward. All you got to do is log into our Premium Cultivars website and establish the availability of the seeds. If in stock, select from the available pack sizes 6, 12, and 24, then place your order. You can pay using your credit card. We ship all across the United States and we offer free delivery on orders above $100.

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