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Cannabis Type


Flowering Length

70-80 Days

Finishing Height


Recommended Growing Area

Indoor or Outdoor


Temperate, Warm




Citrus, Cleaning Solution, Earthy, Fuel, Kush, Lemon, Pine, Rubber Tires, Skunk


Earthy, Fuel, Kush, Pine




Chem 4, Chem D, Motorbreath #15, OG Kush, SFV OG, Stardawg, Tres Dawg


Greenpoint Seeds

Motorbreath No. 15 x Stardawg

Bison Breath is a robust hybrid of Motorbreath No. 15 and Stardawg. This hard-hitting strain offers hardy growth and a plentiful yield of potent buds. Bison Breath brings together the elite qualities of Kush and Chem, providing rich flavor, eye-catching bag appeal, and a balanced high that is both soothing and stimulating.

Bison Breath Cannabis Seeds

To create Bison Breath, the breeders at Greenpoint Seeds crossed the clone-only cut of Motorbreath No. 15 from Pisces Genetics with their proven Stardawg stud. This premium hybrid produces a range of phenotypes that exemplify the treasured qualities of Chemdawg and OG Kush. Some phenotypes may yield the dense buds and hard-hitting potency of Motorbreath No. 15, and others may offer the vigorous growth and exceptional yield of Stardawg. Most plants will present a combination of these valuable traits.


Bison Breath unites the funky bouquets of OG Kush and Chemdawg, radiating a pungent and multifaceted aroma that is remarkable. This variety fills the room with notes of pine, lemon, skunk, soil, and petrol. Stardawg-leaning phenotypes will be skunkier, and OG-dominant ones will smell more of pine and soil.


Bison Breath offers a rich and savory flavor that hearkens back to the classic California strains of the early 2000s. This variety coats the mouth with flavors of lemon, pine, soil, and gasoline. When grown to its full potential, subtle notes of menthol may also become noticeable.


Bison Breath has all the soothing qualities of an OG strain with the more uplifting effects of the Stardawg. This hybrid delivers a relaxing effect that may relieve stress and pain while helping to stimulate the appetite. This is an excellent variety for afternoons and evenings.


Bison Breath is medium to tall in height, with robust branches and large, saw-toothed fan leaves. This variety forms large colas that are drenched in resin. The large, spear-shaped buds are moderately dense and exceptionally frosty. Some OG-dominant phenotypes may be taller, with thinner branches, less lateral growth, and denser buds.

Growth Traits

Motorbreath cannabis seeds are an excellent selection for all levels of growers. This strain is a fun variety for beginners to learn how to train cannabis plants and for seasoned growers to push their skills to maximize yields and push this insanely potent cannabis variety to its peak performance. Motorbreath has some stretch during the vegetative stage and the first couple weeks of flower, but it is very minimal overall. This makes Bison Breath an excellent selection for indoor gardens with height limitations. As this strain progresses through the flowering stage, it develops big, golf-ball-size flowers that are entirely covered in trichome heads. When given proper lighting and nutrition, and a stable environment, this variety can complete the flowering cycle in nine to ten weeks.

Pest & Disease Control

Due to its OG Kush ancestry, Bison Breath may be somewhat susceptible to powdery mildew infections. Growers can prevent the spread of powdery mildew by keeping the plants pruned, using oscillating fans to promote airflow, and reducing the humidity in the grow room. Foliar sprays such as water and apple cider vinegar solutions may help mitigate the growth of powdery mildew.

Motorbreath No. 15 is known to require a rich supply of calcium and magnesium. Bison Breath also requires more calcium and magnesium than the average cannabis strain. To avoid calcium and magnesium deficiencies, growers can feed the plants with a cal-mag supplement or enrich the soil with dry amendments such as gypsum, crushed oyster shells, and dolomite lime.

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Bison Breath is a potent hybrid of Motorbreath No. 15 and Stardawg. This strain pleases growers with its vigorous growth and abundant yield of top-shelf flowers. Bison Breath unites the prized traits of OG Kush and Chemdawg, offering a mouthwatering aroma, stunning bag appeal, and a relaxing and mood-boosting high. This classic strain is sure to satisfy fans of OG and Chem. Don’t miss out on your chance to add Bison Breath to your garden.