Apple Tartz Strain


Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene

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30 in – 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

Harvest Month


Pack Size

3, 6, 12, 24


Premium Cultivars

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Apple Tartz SeedsApple Tartz strain seeds produce beautiful nuggets decorated with purple hues.

The History of Apple Tartz Strain Seeds

Apple Tartz seeds, sometimes called Apple Tarts or Apple Tart, are evenly balanced hybrids (50% Sativa/50% Indica) made by mixing Apple Fritter and Runtz strains. Also, Apple Tartz has high yields and is relatively simple to produce.

How to Germinate Apple Tartz Strain Seeds

Growers must meet precise parameters for germination to occur. To begin, you must obtain high-quality seeds to guarantee successful germination. These seeds are available for purchase from Premium Cultivars. Also, the paper towel method is the most commonly recommended method for germinating Apple Tartz seeds. Premium Cultivars recommends this approach since it is simple and successful, and almost all components are readily available at home. Follow these nine steps to germinate your Apple Tartz strain seeds successfully:

  1. Gather your materials, including paper towels, a work location (table), a dinner plate, Apple Tartz seeds, a water sprayer, and a pair of tweezers.
  2. Dampen the two paper towels using the water sprayer.
  3. Remove any surplus water.
  4. Place one paper towel on the dinner plate.
  5. Spread some Apple Tartz strain seeds on top, approximately one inch apart.
  6. Wrap the other paper towel around the first.
  7. Arrange the cushioned Apple Tartz seeds in a plastic bag between two dinner plates or beneath a face-down dish.
  8. Store the paper towel-wrapped Apple Tartz strain seeds away from direct sunlight to keep the temperature at 72°F.
  9. Your Apple Tartz strain seeds will sprout in 2-5 days from the hand towel sandwich and will form little roots suitable for transplanting when they are five millimeters or longer.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Reg?

The emergence of Feminized seeds in the 1990s revolutionized the perception of the cannabis-producing industry. The genetic alteration of this type of seed is intended to eliminate all male chromosomes, leaving just the female ones. This alteration allows the seeds to mature into males rather than females. As one might expect, the price of these seeds is far more than that of normal seeds. They are commonly used to avoid accidental pollination or hermaphrodite cannabis plants in the group. Additionally, since each cannabis plant you produce will be female, your growing space will be ideal for growth. Even when cultivated in huge quantities, Feminized seeds considerably have more stable and reliable plants.

Growing Apple Tartz Strain Seeds

Apple Tartz strain has a distinct vegetative feature. It is constantly growing and requires a lot of nutrients. Also, Apple Tartz grows tall and wild if not managed. As a grower, you should use a trellis or prune this plant before it becomes overgrown. However, if you have the necessary area for the plants, you won’t need to train them as much.

Should I Grow Apple Tartz Strain Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

It is moderately simple to cultivate Apple Tartz seeds indoors or outdoors. However, because of the controlled elements, most farmers prefer indoor environments.

Growing Apple Tartz Strain Indoors

Indoors, your Apple Tartz strain seeds take 8-9 weeks to blossom.

Growing Apple Tartz Seeds Outdoors

Outdoors, Apple Tartz seeds are typically ready for harvest between September and October.

How much do Apple Tartz Strain Seeds Yield?

Apple Tartz strain seeds produce about 12-15 oz. Per square meter when developed inside and 20 oz. Per cannabis plant when grown outdoors.

How to get Better Yields from your Apple Tartz Strain Seeds

The genetics of the seeds you will directly impact yields. The amount of light that Apple Tartz seeds receive, and the humidity of the surroundings, are both crucial. The makeup of your soil is also important, as you may prepare yourself for success.

The Best Grow Medium for Apple Tartz Strain Seeds

Apple Tartz strain seeds may be grown in organic soil to boost cannabis flowers while conserving money. You may even want to invest in a more expensive hydroponic system to increase growth and yields while regulating nutrients.

The Best Climate for Apple Tartz Strain Seeds

A warm, humid Mediterranean climate is ideal for growing Apple Tartz strain outside. Conversely, indoor gardeners should offer comparable conditions for the healthy development of your Apple Tartz seeds.

Problems to Look Out For When Growing Apple Tartz Strain Seeds

Producers must follow temperature and humidity guidelines to avoid bud rot and fungus. If you are a new grower, be aware of overfeeding since it can happen faster than you think. Look for indicators of nutrient burn, such as cannabis leaves turning yellow or browning of the leaf edges. Another concern with indoor cultivation is the high cost of lighting.

How Difficult is it to Grow Apple Tartz Strain Seeds?

Apple Tartz seeds are more complex to cultivate. Whether growing inside or outdoors, these seeds need a more experienced gardener or, at the very least, some planning and research.

Are Apple Tartz Strain Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

Since Apple Tartz seeds require a lot of care, they are not ideal for novice growers.

The Best Grow Techniques for Apple Tartz Strain Seeds


A cannabis trellis is a lattice-patterned framed net or screen. It may be positioned vertically or horizontally in any cannabis garden to maximize available grow space and light penetration. You can use a trellis both indoors and outside. The goal is to bend and thread shots between the structure’s gaps. This enables the farmer to enhance output significantly. More branches result in more fruits. A trellis also helps the producer to control plant development and change the layout to fit the cannabis garden.

Cannabis plants spread rapidly. As it grows, it becomes an inverted cone, with all its branches pointing toward the sun. Due to this branch bundling, smaller buds might arise from a shortage of light, air, and space in the canopy. Consider the Christmas tree. In contrast to the top branches, the lower branches only get some light. They all have the same structure as cannabis plants, but you may instruct them to develop in numerous ways. Cannabis trellising is one of the most efficient strategies to prevent your vines from clumping together.


Pruning is an excellent way to manage the development of your plants. Pruning ticks all the boxes if you want to boost output, postpone flowering, stimulate lateral branching, and restrict the size of your plant. Pruning allows growers to remove particular, tiny plant components. It is done to promote the growth of healthy plants. Pruning eliminates unproductive, unhealthy overgrowth that prevents sunlight from reaching budding blooms. The plant may concentrate its energy on reinforcing and nourishing the buds, shoots, and surviving leaves by removing this growth. Pruning the plant successfully improves light exposure and ventilation. This also promotes a healthier plant with thicker buds.

Moreover, cannabis is often pruned throughout the vegetative stage of growth. The plant is at this stage before maturing and blooming. You should have a healthy, established plant. Before pruning, it should have many sets of leaves and be around 12 inches tall. Also, keep pruning to a minimum if you want your cannabis crops to become squat and bushy.


SCROG is a training technique that assists indoor cannabis growers in increasing the number of top buds, or colas, generated by their plants. Letting a single plant mature in a container without training will almost certainly result in only one center cola. Conversely, with SCROG, every branch grows into a large cola. You can achieve high yields with as little as one to five plants. SCROGs are made by suspending a net around 15 inches over their indoor plants, like a huge metal grid. Cannabis branches planted in a net are encouraged to expand outwards rather than upwards by bending and adhering the stalks to the screen.

In addition, scrogging is frequently paired with another method called topping. Topping is cutting the tops of your cannabis plants to encourage outward growth. Clipping enables your plants to produce more branches and become bushier. You may reveal every inch of those branches to light when you scrog. In this situation, a scrog assists indoor growers in making the best use of their grow lights.

Are there Similar Seeds to Apple Tartz Strain for Sale Online?

Relatable strain seeds to Apple Tartz are Lust, Double Stuffed, Shiatsu Kush, and Josh D OG.

Where can I Apple Tartz Strain Seeds?

Premium Cultivars seed bank sells high-quality Apple Tartz seeds on our website. When you browse the cannabis seeds category, you will notice some outstanding deals!

How do I Apple Tartz Strain Seeds?

It may not be easy to obtain Apple Tartz seeds since you cannot verify that the source will provide high-yielding seeds. Premium Cultivars, an online autoflowering and Feminized seeds distributor is the best place to get Apple Tartz strain seeds. Depending on the budget, customers may purchase Apple Tartz seeds in packs of 3, 6, 12, 24, or in bulk. Premium Cultivars will also mail these strain seeds to any state that enables cannabis seed sales. Orders of $100 or more for Apple Tartz strain qualify for free delivery. Moreover, all prospective purchasers are encouraged to visit the website, explore the Apple Tartz seeds, make online orders, and pay with a credit card.

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