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Cannabis TypeHybrid
Flowering Length70-80 Days
Finishing HeightMedium-Tall
Growing EnvironmentIndoor or Outdoor
AromaCherries, Cookie Dough, Earthy, Kush, Sweet
FlavorCherry, Cookie Dough, Earthy, Fuel, Kush
LineageDurban Poison, Fire OG, Florida OG, Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush

Animal Cookies S1

Animal Cookies, also known as Animal Crackers, combines two world-renowned cultivars—Girl Scout Cookies and OG Raskal’s Fire OG. It is an exceptional hybrid that possesses all of the best qualities of both of its parents. This Indica-dominant variety, although relatively new to the cannabis scene, has gained a reputation for being one of the finest representations of Girl Scout Cookies. With the potency of Fire OG and the bag appeal of Girl Scout Cookies, Animal Cookies will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs.

Animal Cookies has gained a large following because of its unrivaled potency, extreme trichome production, and exotic flavor. Although many medical and recreational users demand this strain, it may be difficult for growers to get their hands on an authentic clone. Animal Cookies S1, bred by the American seed bank Greenpoint Seeds is an excellent choice for growers and breeders seeking the Animal Cookies cut in seed form.

Animal Cookies Cannabis Seeds


Animal Cookies combines the flavors of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG to create a sweet and sour delicacy. The taste is complex but delicious, coating the palate with an earthy, nutty, and doughy flavor, with hints of gasoline, skunk, and menthol. Some users report that the smoke is thick and expansive, causing them to cough excessively.


The aroma of Animal Cookies is similar to the taste. It offers a sweet and sour bouquet that enchants anyone who smells it. This variety has a complex aroma of cookie dough, cherries, brown sugar, gasoline, and skunk. Upon breaking the buds apart, the faint scents of pine and pepper may arise, both of which become more apparent when smoking the flowers.


Animal Cookies is a potent and narcotic Indica-dominant strain that is unusually high in THC. By the time the coughing subsides, most users will already feel stoned. In other words, it sets in quickly, so get ready! The high begins with a mild burst of creativity and motivation, transforming rapidly into sedation and body numbness. Though not always apparent at first puff, the potent Indica effects of Animal Cookies may make it difficult for the user to concentrate on a task or an in-depth conversation. Those interested in socialization may find discomfort with this strain, while those who seek pain relief and rest will benefit from its body-melting stone.


Animal Cookies has slightly stronger branches and a larger yield than other Cookies cuts. This variety is of medium height, with long petioles and dark green leaves that may turn yellow near harvest time. If exposed to cold temperatures, this strain may express purple hues late in the flowering cycle. Animal Cookies offers an average yield of top-shelf buds that, like those of Girl Scout Cookies, are astonishingly dense and frosty. This variety produces small-to-medium, popcorn-like flowers that are lime-green with hints of purple. The orange pistils contrast beautifully with the colorful flowers.

Some Girl Scout Cookies-dominant phenotypes of Animal Cookies may be frostier and more purple, with a slightly smaller yield than the other plants. In contrast, some OG-dominant phenotypes may be less colorful but will have a somewhat larger outcome. Most phenotypes, however, will closely resemble the structure of Animal Cookies.

Growing Animal Cookies S1

Both Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG are notoriously difficult to cultivate. Animal Cookies is no exception and can be challenging for inexperienced growers. This strain is sensitive to environmental changes and requires proper nutrition, a stable pH, and careful training methods. However, with proper care, it is sure to reach its outstanding potential. Sufficient light penetration is also a necessity to achieve a decent yield.

Animal Cookies is resilient to temperature fluctuations but performs best in a dry, temperate environment. Growers can cultivate this variety both indoors and outdoors. However, Animal Cookies’ sensitivity to environmental stresses makes it especially suitable for cultivation in a controlled indoor setting.


Animal Cookies plants tend to stretch in the flowering cycle. As such, we recommend that growers top them during the vegetative growth cycle. The Animal Cookies strain responds well to high-stress and low-stress training methods. Notably, they benefit from certain training methods, including fimming, lollipopping, scrogging, or super cropping.

Because of the moderate yield of some Animal Cookies phenotypes, this variety is a great candidate for the Sea of Green cultivation method. Using this method, growers germinate a large number of plants and veg them for a short time, rather than growing a few large plants with a longer vegetative growth period. This may serve to maximize the yield of a small grow area.

If growers are unable to germinate many plants due to state regulations, increasing the vegetative growth period may serve to boost the yield of Animal Cookies. Growers should always ensure that they abide by plant-count limits specified in their state, county, and municipal laws.

Pest & Disease Control 

Some phenotypes of Animal Cookies are prone to powdery mildew. Growers can avoid powdery mildew infestations by keeping the humidity level low, raising the ambient air temperature to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, pruning excess leaves, and using fans to increase air circulation. Some foliar sprays such as water/sodium bicarbonate solutions also may help stave off powdery mildew.

Please note: prevention is essential, as powdery-mildew infestations can be difficult to remedy.

The extreme density and frost of the buds make Animal Cookies prone to bud rot. Like powdery mildew, growers can prevent bud rot with careful plant pruning. Reducing the humidity in the growing area and using fans to increase air circulation will also help prevent bud rot.

Because of its OG Kush heritage, the Animal Cookies strain craves calcium and magnesium. To ensure the plants receive adequate nourishment, growers should incorporate a cal-mag supplement or Epsom salt and dolomite lime into the regular nutrient regime. They should also use a pH meter when mixing the nutrients to ensure a stable pH during feeding.

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Animal Cookies’ incredible potency, unique flavor, and unmatched bag appeal have made it a highly sought-after variety. This strain combines the exotic color and aroma of Girl Scout Cookies with the potency and yield of OG Kush, creating a strain that transcends the sum of its parts.

Although growers and breeders highly prize animal Cookies, it is difficult to find verified clones this coveted strain. Growers can now enjoy this cultivar in seed form, thanks to the breeding efforts of Greenpoint Seeds. If you would like to experience this incredible strain for yourself, buy a pack of Animal Cookies seeds today.

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Photo/Grow Credits: @hellyeahcanada (2021) Animal Cookies