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Wind Burn

By grower •  Updated: 10/10/21 •  2 min read
Wind Burn

Many indoor marijuana growers utilize fans to blow air around within the grow location. This develops a great breezy environment that marijuana plants enjoy. However often there can be excessive breeze!

Beware! Excessive Wind Triggers Clawed Leaves and Often Areas

When there’s excessive breeze, the afflicted cannabis leaves will begin getting “wind-burned.”

Wind-burned leaves are typically curved under and kind “claws.” They can appear like they’re saggy from overwatering, underwatering, or possible a nitrogen toxicity, however you understand you’ve got wind-burn when the leaves in front of the fan are clawing, and leaves even more far from the fan appearance fine.

Simply for recommendation, here’s what excessive wind/fan appears like!

Excessive Fan!

Often too expensive levels of wind can trigger other uncommon issues on the impacted leaves, such as brown or bronze areas that nearly appear like burn marks. These are the outcome of the leaf not having the ability to meet all its regular procedures.

wind damage causing brown or bronze spots
wind burn!

These spots on this marijuana plant are actually caused by wind burn

Positioning Fans

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