BHO stands for butane hash oil and is a potent concentrate of cannabinoids made by dissolving marijuana in its plant form in a solvent (usually butane). The resulting product has very high THC levels (generally more than flowers or hashish) and is a thick, sticky oil. BHO is also referred to as honey oil, “dabs” or “dabbing,” wax, or shatter, depending on the manufacturing method. As you might have guessed, this is a type of cannabis extract (hash) that is made by using butane to capture the resin from your cannabis plant. The result is a strong, waxy substance usually used for dabbing. Butane is explosive when mixed with air growers have accidentally set fires or even blew up their homes while attempting to make BHO. For this reason, BHO has a bit of a bad reputation though that doesn’t seem to have affected its popularity.